Vivaloe Real Aloe Vera Fruit Infusions Expands Distribution Through Exclusive Beverage Distribution

Sales in NYC up Over 300%

RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY (April 16, 2012) – Vivaloe Aloe Vera Fruit Infusions (, one of the top selling Aloe Vera brands in America, is increasing sales at a record pace in NYC with Exclusive Distribution ( and is now available at over 200+ Duane Reade stores in New York City. Vivaloe is nature’s healing beverage, the perfect drink for those passionate souls who work hard and play hard—while enjoying every minute of a healthy lifestyle. That’s because they know Aloe Vera is an amazing cactus that contains 16 amino acids and 20 minerals with numerous health benefits.

Made from real, whole chunks, cut directly from the Aloe Vera plant, Vivaloe is lightly sweetened with pure cane juice and honey and blended into delicious fruit infusions. Vivaloe is all-natural and never contains powder, gelatin, fructose, preservatives, nor artificial colors or flavors. Vivaloe is available if 5 fruit juicy flavors: Watermelon Aloe Vera (“hands down the best tasting Aloe Vera drink that we’ve have had to date”, according to, Honey Dew Aloe Vera, Honey Aloe Vera, Pink Lemonade Aloe Vera, and Peach Aloe Vera.

“Vivaloe has been a surprise success for us in New York City”, states Steve Gress, President of Exclusive Beverage Distribution. “It is being well received by our retailers and consumers are already buying it. It should be one of the hottest new items this summer.” Anthony Ramos, Director of Sales for Exclusive Beverage added, “We have really focused our sales organization on developing Vivaloe and establishing it as the number one Aloe Vera brand in New York City. The results of our focus have paid off and our Vivaloe sales are up over 300%. Vivaloe continues to surpass our sales expectations and as it does our sales organization will continue to add new placements in our accounts.”

Exclusive Beverage Distribution services over 5,000 accounts in New York City and has 20 full time sales people. Exclusive pioneered Vita Coco in the New York market and currently distributes Langers Fruit Juices, Naya Water, Noyu Taiwanese Iced Tea, and Balance, amongst others.

Cascadia Managing Brands LLC represents Vivaloe in America.

About Vivaloe

Vivaloe is made in Taiwan and sold at thousands of great retailers across America. For more information about Vivaloe, contact Donna Bimbo at 973-226-4856 or via email

About Exclusive Beverage Distribution

Exclusive Beverage Distribution specializes in natural, healthy, organic, and upscale beverages. We take pride in our dedicated sales force and customer service personnel. Our goal is to provide the best products and the best service at the best possible price in the 5 boroughs of New York City. For More information about Exclusive Beverage Distribution please visit