Alkazone Water Showcasing at Pre-Emmy Event

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Alkaline enhanced water and the Emmy’s are two of the hottest topics abuzz in Hollywood today. And both are coming together on September 19th and 20th at a star studded event hosted by Alive Expo Green Pavilion at the historic Peterson’s Auto Museum on the outskirts of Beverly Hills.

Better Health Lab announced that it is using this event to launch the west coast distribution of its bottled water. “We are thrilled to be showcasing our Alkazone® Antioxidant Water at Alive! Expo Green Pavilion,” says Dave Muti, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This is a VIP invitation only event and we could not think of a better way to unveil our premier bottled water on the west coast.”

Alkazone® Antioxidant Water is not just another bottled water; it is a Kosher certified electrolyte-enriched alternative. Alkazone® Antioxidant Water is ultra-purified with a pH alkalinity of 9.5. It’s fortified with potassium, contains the natural antioxidant selenium as well as magnesium and calcium.

About Better Health Lab, Inc.

Since 1994 Better Health Lab, Inc. has been at the forefront of the alkaline dietary supplement industry first introducing its flag-ship product Alkazone® pH Booster Drops. Since then it has introduced several ionizer units and most recently in 2010 Better Health Lab bottled and launched its newest and most exciting product Alkazone® Antioxidant Bottled Water.