Avidus Launches Asantae IS2 Functional Beverage

VANCOUVER, B.C. and MESA, Ariz. — Avidus Management Group Inc. (“Avidus” or the “Company“) (TSX-V: AVD, OTC: ASNHF) through its wholly owned subsidiary Asantae is pleased to announce that IS2™, a proprietary new functional beverage is now shipping from all company warehouse locations.

Company President, Doug Ridley said, “Ninety days ago we promised a new Asantae and this week we delivered on those promises with the launch of this powerful functional beverage, a dynamic new website (www.asantae.com), two new product videos, and a new business presentation video.  It’s an exciting time at Asantae as we roll out all these improvements and enhancements.  We look forward to an even greater future ahead as the benefits accrue to the company.”

According to MarketResearch.com, the functional beverage market had total revenues that exceeded $25 bn in 2012 and annual compounded growth rates of 6% per year for the trailing 5-years.   The market is projected to grow to over $38 bn by 2017.

Asantae’s formulation team created IS2™ to support the body’s natural immune system and inflammatory response.  These natural systems function best when they quickly and completely “Recognize, Respond, and Resolve” threats, invasions, infections and injuries in the body.  IS2™ is specifically formulated to help these systems function optimally.  Among many other ingredients to be discussed in more detailed news, IS2™ features Wellmune™, a powerful new compound with significant research behind it (www.wellmune.com).

“Not only does IS2™ have tremendous health benefits, but it also will dramatically improve our overall gross margins,” said Dan Lundell, CEO.  He further pointed out, “With comparable margins, IS2™ is an ideal companion to our groundbreaking weight-loss product RealW8™.  It has 300% better margins than two of our legacy products.  Beyond the obvious benefits of higher gross margins, enabling improved commissions drives recruiting growth and momentum.”

Leading distributor Erik Cloud said, “As a full-time network marketing professional who has built my entire career around functional beverages, this is the most functional health beverage I’ve ever seen.  I can build a massive organization in a relatively short time with a product that tastes this good, has benefits that people feel, and is easy for distributors like me to share.  The availability of this product at Asantae unleashes a new and powerful phase of recruiting, broadening the audience to other professional networkers who have achieved huge success with functional beverages; our timing could not be better.”

About Avidus

Avidus Management Group Inc. (TSX-V: AVD, OTC: ASNHF) through its wholly owned subsidiary, Asantae, Inc. (www.asantae.com) develops, produces and markets innovative nutritional products through direct and network marketing channels.  The ingredients in Asantae’s products have been shown to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress, and support a healthy immune system that, according to scientific and medical research, are the underlying conditions for most modern epidemic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke, etc.).