Beat Juice Updates Formula

PHOENIX — Today, Beat Juice™ Beverage Company announces its newly reformulated heart-healthy beverage: Beat Juice™. Consumers looking for a heart-healthy, all-natural juice beverage to help support their fight against cardiovascular disease and hypertension, may find even greater aid in the new, improved Beat Juice™ formula.

The delicious new formula is both tastier and healthier than the original formula and is 100% Non-GMO. The first drink of its kind in the nutritional marketplace, creator Jay Mecray formulated Beat Juice™ two years ago in response to a routine doctor’s visit that delivered alarming news.

“At 40, my blood pressure was topping out at 185/120,” says Mecray. “My doctor basically told me to run to the pharmacy to start on prescription medications.”

After researching the effects of the proposed prescription medications, Mecray declined to take them, instead devoting countless hours researching various foods in the natural world that might help his condition. Out of trial and error came Beat Juice™, which coupled with a daily walking routine, restored Mecray’s blood pressure levels (115/70) within three short months.

Beat Juice’s new formula is the ultimate in heart-healthy ingredients (Pomegranates, Concord Grapes, Beets plus Hibiscus & Grape Seed Extracts), is an antioxidant powerhouse with a whopping 900mg of Polyphenols per bottle – verified by an independent 3rd party lab. Beat Juice™ is the finest in healthy nutrition, balancing a bio-available, nutrient-rich blend of fruits, vegetables, and extracts. Unlike most beverages made with highly processed refined sugars and flavors, Beat Juice™ is made with only 100% natural fruits, vegetables, and extracts with no added sugars, flavors, or colors.

“This new formula demonstrates our relentless commitment to providing a superior, functional juice beverage to people interested in living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle,” states Beat Juice™ Founder Jay Mecray. “I am incredibly excited about our new & improved Beat Juice™ formula!”

Beat Juice™ can be found at select retailers and online at

About Beat Juice™ Beverage Company

Formally founded in 2013, Beat Juice™ Beverage Company is the developer of heart-healthy functional juices and they are committed to providing wellness beverages to people concerned with living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle. Today, Beat Juice™ is widely available in health food stores, grocers and juice bars throughout North America. Learn more about our truly functional beverage by visiting