blk. Beverages Announces Brand Extension

HOBOKEN, N.J. — blk. Beverages today announced the first brand extension of blk. Beverages since forming the company a little more than two years ago. The new brand, blk.+, includes the same fulvic-enhanced, all-natural mineral water, but now offers one of four new natural flavors, including: black lemonade, mango splash, tropical punch and blueberry acai.

blk. and blk.+ are both functional beverages that contain fulvic trace minerals and alkaline water. Once fulvic trace minerals are extracted from nature and added to the alkaline water, the water naturally changes into a darker color — there are no artificial dyes or colorings used. Despite the flavor differences, the end result is still the same for both blk. and blk.+ – a powerful electrolyte-filled beverage that does not contain any carbs, calories or sugars.

“We set out to launch blk. water as a new alternative beverage for consumers looking to hydrate themselves,” said Chris Laurita, president and CEO of blk. Beverages. “Adding blk.+ to the product portfolio is a natural brand extension and one in which we are excited to debut and share with our customers.”

About blk. Beverages

Founded by Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo (Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey”) in 2011, the idea of blk. was first introduced to Chris and Albie while they were attending a 2011 health convention.  After researching product and ingredients, Chris saw great potential for the product, and with support from the Laurita/Manzo family, formed a business relationship with the original owners. The business venture created blk. Beverages and the first product to launch was the original fulvic-enhanced water, blk.