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Four Waters. Four Functions.

As various kinds of water innovation continue to surface in the beverage marketplace, broad modifiers are becoming harder to use. “Functional” or “Enhanced” water means a lot of things these days.

In Vegas, Natural Brands Plot C-Store Course

As convenience stores alter the contents of their shelves, a growing number of emerging beverage brands envision opportunity in this channel, which boasts more than 150,000 stores in the U.S. alone.

Update: Statements from Ferolito, AriZona

The ruling came in, but the fighting hasn’t stopped, and at least AriZona is considering an appeal, according to statements issued by the law firms representing parties in the breakup of the founding partnership of AriZona Beverage Company.

NACS: Shhh…It Replaces a Meal

A stream of meal replacement products are focused on the convenience store channel, even if their branding doesn’t necessarily position them as replacements for meals.

Minta Now Available at Sprouts

The healthy foods retailer will carry Minta Original and Minta Strawberry in 10 oz. cans and 12 oz. glass bottles for a suggested retail price of $1.25.

Drink Your Milk

On July 1, the U.S. Department of Agriculture introduced new school nutrition mandates that limit nutritional content and ingredient options. While the changes could hamper mainstay brands of the past, the updates could signal an opportunity for entrepreneurs with a willingness to comply.

WhiteWave’s Cross-Category Maneuver

In taking a closer look at WhiteWave’s recent acquisition of So Delicious, one key question comes to mind: doesn’t WhiteWave already sell almond milk?

Video: Lumi Stands By Self-Manufacturing

Lumi Juice became the first cold-pressed juice brand to land shelf placement at The Fresh Market. But the distribution deal, while high-five worthy, doesn’t mark the finish line.

Video: Ibex and the Drinkable Yogurt Category

Drinkable yogurt sits at the intersection of the three P’s of beverage industry buzzwords — probiotic, portable, protein. Yet will this advantageous positioning be enough to carry a category?

Video: Chris Reed Explains Facility Expansion

Reed's, Inc. CEO Chris Reed figures that tripling the speed of the production will help the company move forward with less labor and roll out more product to absorb his facility’s inherent overhead figures.