Block Island Beverages Introduces Kedem Concord Grape Juice

BLOCK ISLAND, R.I. — Block Island Beverages, Inc., maker of the all-natural blackberry-based sparkling juice beverages called Bibbs (Block Island BlackBerry Soda), has reformulated and infused its entire line of sparkling juice beverages with Kedem Concord Grape Juice. ™ Without losing its signature sparkling taste and clean finish, Bibbs has incorporated a Concord grape-skin note to its blackberry and cherry flavor palates.

The entire line of Bibbs’ sparkling juice beverages are all natural, contain no caffeine, very low sodium, are gluten free, GMO Free and kosher and contain approximately 20 grams of unrefined sugar (a respectable 90-105 calories per bottle).  Our juices all contain a smooth amalgam of pure blackberry, cherry and Concord grape juice concentrates.  There are only two ways to hit a price point on the shelf: use inferior ingredients or convince the investors that negative margins have a paradoxical effect in the beverage industry.  Needless to say, Bibbs only uses the BEST ingredients.

Bibbs sets the super premium bar high for all natural sparkling juice beverages in 12 oz. glass.  As blackberries are not by their nature overly sweet, a splash of evaporated cane juice is added to achieve a taste we define as balanced sweet-tartness.  Block Island Beverages is now entering its fourth year in business and is quietly producing a consistently fabulous, albeit understated sparkling juice beverage.  Bibbs may not make you smarter, taller, sexier or better looking, but when the need arises, it will totally quench your thirst.

About Block Island Beverages

In an effort to capture the essence of Block Island, Rhode Island, Block Island Beverages is committed to producing only the best sparkling juice beverages using all natural, organic, kosher and GMO-Free ingredients.  More can be found at, and its Block Island Beverages Facebook page.