Body Ecology Partners with Tula’s CocoKefir to Produce New Probiotic Coconut Kefir

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. – CocoKefir, L.L.C., producers of Tula’s® CocoKefir™ and CocoYo™, has announced the launch of a new, cobranded coconut kefir product in partnership with Body Ecology, Inc. of Playa Vista, California. The new product will be marketed as Body Ecology® Coconut Kefir, produced exclusively for Body Ecology by CocoKefir and will launch on May 23rd at the Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference in Chicago where Body Ecology® founder, Donna Gates, will be speaking. Like CocoKefir’s other products, this new coconut kefir will contain billions of powerful, living probiotics fermented in raw young coconut water for people who seek to improve their digestive health and support healthy immune function.

Founded by parents who helped their daughter overcome the challenges of a severe gastrointestinal health condition, CocoKefir, L.L.C. is dedicated to producing probiotic solutions that enrich people’s lives, especially those who take their gastrointestinal health seriously. The company produces dairy free Tula’s® CocoKefir™ brand coconut kefirs and Tula’s® CocoYo™ brand dairy free yogurt-like probiotic pudding. The company’s products are currently distributed through natural grocers in 27 U.S. states and are available in all 50 U.S. states through the company’s website –

Body Ecology, Inc. was founded over 24 years ago by international bestselling author Donna Gates. Ms. Gates is recognized as a leading authority on digestive health. Her books include The Body Ecology Diet and Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation . She hosts the Body Ecology Hour with Donna Gates on Hay House Radio and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post and The Daily Love.

CocoKefir founder Michael Larsen said of this new partnership, “We are very happy to be partnering with Body Ecology and Donna Gates on this new product. My wife Holly and I have witnessed firsthand the profound improvements The Body Ecology Diet can provide and we hope we can help spread the word about this new way of looking at our health and the foods we eat.”

The launch of this new cobranded coconut kefir at the Autism One/Generation Rescue conference is timely as recent studies conducted by Dr. Derrick MacFabe at the University of Western Ontario¹ link gastrointestinal health to brain chemistry and behavior and work by Dr. Martha Herbert at Harvard Medical School² applies it to children with autism and ADHD. The conference will feature a presentation by Dr. MacFabe on his research as well as a presentation on fermented foods by Donna Gates.


Established in September 2009 by Michael and Holly Larsen of Edina, MN, CocoKefir LLC is a leading producer of dairy free, gluten free, probiotic beverages made from raw fresh young coconut.  The company is dedicated to providing fermented food products of the highest quality that help enrich people’s lives, especially those suffering from gastrointestinal health issues.


The Body Ecology Diet (BED) shows you how to restore and maintain the important “inner ecology” your body needs to function properly and to eliminate or control the symptoms that rob people of the joy of living. The company’s products are all specifically designed to help people cultivate, nourish, cleanse and repair this abundant inner ecosystem (hence the name Body Ecology).


AutismOne is a nonprofit, parent-driven organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis, holding the largest and most comprehensive annual autism conference in the USA. The conference includes the most experienced, progressive clinicians and researchers who help individuals with autism and who make the most relevant discoveries, as well as educators, therapists, and advocates. AutismOne has also been involved in publication of original work and radio.


Generation Rescue is dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need.