Bolthouse Farms Introduces Social Engagement Program for Instagram

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Bolthouse Farms today announced the launch of a groundbreaking new social media engagement program across the Instagram platform – the Juice Recognition campaign is an innovative new program that scans photos and visuals from public Instagrammer posts and verifies imagery of branded content, recognizing not only keyword and hashtag use but also photo use. To develop the program, Bolthouse Farms partnered with industry-leading partners, including positive change advertising agency Tiny Rebellion, digital technology agency Wildlife, and RevTrax, a marketing technology company that drives in-store sales through digital coupons. This is one of the first brand promotions of its kind on the Instagram platform.

The program seamlessly folds into natural behavior on social media channels. For the program beta test on Instagram, community members are encouraged to “Snap it, Tag It and Get It” in order to participate in the campaign, posting imagery of Bolthouse Farms® product, advertisements, website visuals, logos, etc., plus the hashtags #carrotfarmers and #gotcoupon. Once the program verifies the visuals, the Instagrammer is automatically sent a link to download a coupon, which can then be redeemed in-store at participating retail locations.

“Bolthouse Farms strives to make the healthy choice the easy choice and this exciting new program raises the bar, allowing us to spread this message by engaging with fans instantaneously through their natural social behaviors,” said Suzanne Ginestro, Vice President of Marketing for Bolthouse Farms. “Social media is an incredible force and we are excited to see the opportunities that build from this innovative new program.”

Added Jonathan Treiber, CEO & co-founder of RevTrax: “At RevTrax, we see the value of secure, personalized engagement across multiple channels and devices, and are thrilled to partner with Bolthouse Farms on this Instagram visual recognition program. Our online-to-offline marketing technology is the perfect tool to drive fans to try Bolthouse Farms products.”

This innovative new program is a key element to Bolthouse Farms’ current marketing initiative, which takes a non-traditional approach to marketing by driving the brand’s farm fresh message of ‘making the healthy choice the easy choice.’ For more information on Bolthouse Farms and its current marketing initiatives please visit

To test the Bolthouse Farms visual recognition program, simply post a photo of any Bolthouse Farms visual (logos, product, advertising, etc.) and post to your public Instagram account with the hashtags #carrotfarmers and #gotcoupon.

About Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms is a farm located in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, known for high-quality consumer brands and innovative products. Bolthouse Farms is a market share leader in growing and distributing carrots. In addition, Bolthouse Farms® produces and sells super-premium juices, smoothies, protein shakes and cafe beverages under the Bolthouse Farms brand name. In recent years, Bolthouse Farms diversified its offerings by launching a line of premium refrigerated yogurt dressings and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrettes. The Bolthouse Farms mission is to change the way people consume healthy foods and beverages. The company was acquired by Campbell Soup Company on Aug. 6, 2012. To learn more about the company’s mission and see the entire line of current products, visit

About Tiny Rebellion

Tiny Rebellion is an advertising agency in Santa Monica, California thatexists to take on the big players and create purpose-driven work. Tiny Rebellion partners with corporations, organizations, individuals and communities that want to do things that matter. They are a collective of thinkers and doers, artists and nerds, inventors and leaders, content creators and number crunchers who all believe in having a meaningful impact on their clients, each other, the industry and society at large. They’re passionate about positive change and they’re not fulfilled unless they’re making stuff that makes the world a better place. Tiny Rebellion’s vision: a world where business is the most powerful force for positive change.

About RevTrax

RevTrax® is a marketing technology company that empowers brands and retailers to drive and measure in-store sales through secure, personalized digital coupons and offers. Its scalable enterprise solutions provide online-to-offline revenue attribution, and promotion intelligence across all digital channels and devices. Founded in 2008, RevTrax is headquartered in New York City.