Cool Mountain Beverages to Distribute in Singapore, Malaysia

DES PLAINES, Ill. — In their first major international expansion, Cool Mountain Beverages of the United States has chosen Singapore and the surrounding Malaysian market areas to distribute their line of high quality, premium soda.  Cool Mountain along with their Singapore partner, FGX International will make its debut at the renowned World Food Fair at the Singapore Expo, September 5th, through the 8th 2013.

Cool Mountain Markets Premium Sodas with mouthwatering flavors that are handcrafted to perfection, using only the finest ingredients known to man. Incorporating Pure Cane Sugar, Caffeine free ingredients, and love for one effervescent taste that is nothing short of delicious. (Visit

Incorporated in May 1997, Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc., CMB is based in Des Plaines, Ill. Located in the heart of the Midwest in the United States of America. Cool Mountain’s reputation is that of an environmentally conscious, high quality, craft soda company that markets premium beverage flavors, that are bottled under franchisee and licensing agreements across the USA and now sold internationally.

In coming to Singapore, Cool Mountain partnered with FGX International, a first tier marketing and distribution company that handles quality healthcare and food and beverage products for Singapore and the surrounding region.

They actively search out high quality products in the areas of beverages and food stuffs, which must also provide growth and be from a reliable company and country.

“The key reason for FGX International to seek out Cool Mountain beverages for distribution in the Singapore and Malaysia market is  that we believe Cool Mountain is an established, well-liked soda beverage in the USA. There is an assurance of quality products coming from Cool Mountain a well-established company in the US.  And, in view of the stagnated soda/carbonated drinks market in Singapore, (with only the few brands and types available at this moment) we believe the introduction of Cool Mountain will certainly provide a better alternative to the consumer here.  Cool Mountain’s appealing colors, coupled with their great taste, seeks to stir the senses of the consumer, making Cool Mountain a very desirable drink to the consumer in this region”. –  GuiXiang Fong, of FGX International

Sales have been strong and steady since the company’s inception, with success being built and measured, case by case.  And there is no need to expect anything less in the Singapore and surrounding markets.  The desire for premium beverage products such as Cool Mountain is great, similar to that of the craft beer world, while the major brewer’s sales are down; craft brewers are on the rise, because of their unique tastes and quality brewing practices.

This trend is not unique to the beer market – Today people are exercising more discretion in the food and beverages they consume, with quality, individuality in taste and even menu pairings playing important roles.  And, the same is true of the premium soda market.  Today, when you want to quench you thirst with a carbonated soft drink, consumers selectively seek out a unique taste and craftsmanship that will truly make for a memorable experience that leaves you feeling refreshed.

“the idea of drinking our soda… is a kin to “Celebrating the Adventure” –  what ever we do in life, that gives us the most enjoyment in our lives, should be celebrated…. That’s what Cool Mountain is doing, celebrating the adventure and enjoying the ride”. – Bill Daker, Owner/President Cool Mountain Beverages

The move into Singapore is a combination of smart business and a timely opportunity

With both countries having similar economies at this time, the transition to selling in Singapore and Malaysia is made easier with the right partner, FGX International and that, combined with Cool Mountain business savvy and the quality of the product, makes for a better chance for success. When you add the marketing muscle and assistance received from Food Export USA, we’re both able to get a toe hold into these markets and make this expansion a reality.

However and as Bill Daker puts it, “most importantly, we have an opportunity to bring something truly unique to this part of the world.  Everybody, the world over likes soda and we offer a quality,  premium beverage, made with real sugar and no caffeine, bottled in glass and offered in Mouth-watering flavors, that kids and adults alike desire and will certainly savor.”