Double Cola Rebrands Ski Citrus Soda With New Graphics

Chattanooga, TN – After a complete family rebrand, each of the four Ski Citrus Soda brands now has a completely new set of graphics. The original brand Ski Citrus Soda is known for the combination of real lemon and orange juices. Ski has developed an extremely loyal following since the brand was born in 1956.  While brand loyalty is at an all-time high for Ski, The Double Cola Company aims for all Ski brands (Ski Citrus Soda, Diet Ski, Ski InfraRED, and Caffeine Free Diet Ski) to stand out on the shelves now more than ever. There is even a possibility that Caffeine Free Ski may be put back on the shelves by popular demand.

The company hopes to achieve several goals with this rebrand. The new packaging is more uniform than before.  While the colors may be very different from one carton to another, elements such as the large lemon and orange images, lady skier, real fruit logo, and Ski story unify the brand family’s packaging. Also, the dynamic graphics and new taglines are expected to catch the eyes of non-Ski drinkers, whether they are citrus soda consumers or soft drink consumers in general.

Most notably, the Ski Citrus Soda tagline changed from “Real lemon. Real orange. Real good.” to “Real fruit. Real flavor.”

Perhaps the most obvious package change is that of Diet Ski. There is now a stark contrast between diet and regular Ski. Consumers will find it easier to spot the diet version on the shelves, attracting a larger diet consumer base. While the new look is drastically different than the old look, the taste certainly has not change. The real fruit juices and ingredients have remained the same.

In addition to the rebrand, the company’s Reward My Thirst program has extended to include all Ski brand 12-packs and 20oz Ski, Ski InfraRED, and Diet Ski PET bottles.

About Double Cola

The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Around the world, bottlers and distributors market Double Cola’s family of soft drinks.