DS Waters Announces Acquisition of Hillcrest Springs

ATLANTA — DS Waters of America, Inc., owners of the Alhambra water brand and one of the country’s largest providers of bottled water, brewed coffee and water filtration services is pleased to announce the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Hillcrest Springs, Inc.’s home and office bottled water delivery business.  As these two companies combine resources, DS Waters will assume management of the bottled water delivery for all customers. The acquisition will enable DS Waters to enhance its offerings with not only the Alhambra brand of water, but also coffee service and water filtration services.

“I am excited to welcome the customers and associates of Hillcrest Springs to DS Waters’ family. We are working to ensure a smooth transition and are integrating the new routes immediately,” said John Lock , Vice President, General Manager Northern California Region, DS Waters.

“We are pleased to provide expanded water, coffee and filtration service offerings to customers of Hillcrest Springs.  We remain  committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations regarding the quality of our beverages and delivery services,” said Tom Harrington , President and CEO, DS Waters.

About Alhambra:
Alhambra began in 1902 when the National Water Company, a subsidiary of the National Ice and Cold Storage Company, produced and sold distilled water. In 1945, the National Water Company acquired Alhambra Water Company of San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to Alhambra National Water. The Alhambra brand is primarily available in Northern California

About DS Waters:
DS Waters of America, Inc. (DS Waters) delivers bottled drinking water, brewed beverages and water filtration services to homes and offices across the United States. The company serves over one million homes, offices, restaurants, food service organization, convenience stores and retail locations. Several of the bottled water brands have been satisfying customers for over 100 years. Water brands include Alhambra, Athena, Belmont Springs, Crystal Springs, Deep Rock, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Mount Olympus, Nursery Water, Sierra Springs, and Sparkletts. The company offers three and five gallon returnable bottles, one gallon, two and a half gallon and single-serve bottles as well as water coolers and Relyant water filtration services. The company also offers Standard Coffee and other brewed beverages in addition to office break room supplies and affiliated products. DS Waters and its associates actively support their communities and provide safe drinking water during emergencies and natural disasters. Visit water.com, nurserywater.com, athenawater.com, and coffeeservice.com for additional product and delivery information.