Green Mustache, A New Line Of Organic Veggie Juice Smoothies For Children, Launches In NYC

NYC-Based Premier Specialty Food Retailer is First to Offer Nutritious and Delicious New Brand in All Five of its Retail Outlets

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Green Mustache’s founder and CEO, VanTrang Manges, announced that her new line of organic fruit and green veggie juice smoothies for children will be available in all five New York City locations of Gourmet Garage starting today.

Gourmet Garage is New York City’s premier specialty food retailer known for offering the finest, freshest and highest quality food items.  Made with real fruits and vegetables, each 10-ounce bottle of Green Mustache provides one serving of fruits and one serving of vegetables from spinach and kale, as well as super ingredients chia and coconut water.  All four “kid tested” flavors—Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Tropical Twist and Mixed Berry—are also USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and gluten-free.

“We are thrilled that Green Mustache will be available at Gourmet Garage—they are an ideal retailer for us given their commitment to high quality products.  Gourmet Garage is also so well-regarded in the New York City area where many families are on-the-go and looking for ways to help ensure their children maintain a healthy, nutritious diet,” said VanTrang Manges, founder and CEO, Green Mustache.

“Gourmet Garage has become known as the place where ‘the chef’s shop’ and we are very selective about the products we carry in our stores,” said Andy Arons, Owner, Gourmet Garage.  “We are very pleased to be the first retailer in the U.S. to offer Green Mustache—a wonderfully delicious and organic line of juice smoothies for children because we believe they will be popular with our very food savvy and health conscious customer base.”

Research shows that only 22% of children ages two to five meet government recommendations for vegetable consumption1and two-thirds of U.S. mothers surveyed reported having a picky eater at home.2  VanTrang was one of those mothers who had a picky eater.  “I struggled getting my now five-year-old daughter to eat anything that wasn’t beige. When I introduced green smoothies into her diet, I saw first-hand what an incredible impact they had on her health and behavior,” said Manges.  “My hope is that Green Mustache helps make it easier for parents to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their children’s diets and to promote life-long healthy eating habits.”

In addition to focusing on the ingredients included in the product, Manges placed equal importance on what was not in the bottle: no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.  Green Mustache also contains 20% to 35% less sugar per ounce compared to competing products and only contains those sugars naturally found in the fruits inside the bottle.

Manges has also made it a part of the Green Mustache mission to improve the lives of children everywhere by committing a percentage of sales to support non-profit organizations working to prevent childhood hunger and malnutrition.

“This all started in my kitchen in an attempt to make healthy eating more fun at home, but it has led to an even larger goal” said Manges. “But, my vision is serious. Every child deserves a healthy start, and I truly hope Green Mustache grows into a company that can help create that reality.”

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