Litl’ Squirts Approved for Distribution in Massachusetts Schools

Cumberland, ME – –  Schoolchildren, parents, and teachers across Massachusetts may see a new beverage appearing in school vending machines and lunch lines this fall when they return to the classroom:  Litl’ Squirts.  The new all-natural fruit juice infused Maine spring water, has just been approved for distribution in Massachusetts schools by the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition.

“Being added to the Institute’s ‘A List’ is a notable accomplishment and a great endorsement for our product, which we hope parents and children enjoy outside of school, as well,” stated Will Boyle, Founder and CEO of Litl’ Squirts.

American Dietetic Association guidelines governing beverages sold on school campuses across the nation during the day limit fat, salt, and sugar and regulate portion sizes.  Litl’ Squirts, which is headquartered in Maine, has introduced the only 8-ounce beverage product on the market that meets the American Beverage Association’s mandate that 12-ounce drinks not exceed 100 calories. Every bottle of Litl’ Squirts is less than 90 calories. In order to meet even more stringent Massachusetts guidelines, the company plans to release its existing line in 8-ounce containers.

What makes Litl’ Squirts a real standout is its use of real fruit juices to flavor pure Maine spring water. Two of its three flavors currently on the market (more are forthcoming) are made with Wyman’s wild blueberries. The nutrient-dense fruit is an antioxidant superfood, containing phytochemicals essential for normal immune functioning. The absence of artificial food dyes and colorants in each Litl’ Squirts product and high vitamin content are also an exceptional attribute.  Litl’ Squirts has a whopping 15% of the recommended daily value for niacin, B6, and B12. Finally, children with food allergies and intolerances, such as to red dyes that may be gluten-containing or to corn and corn derivatives, now have another refreshing beverage option. Litl’ Squirts is safe for them and also, for diabetics.

A newcomer on the American beverage scene, the wholesome product is drawing attention from distributors in New England and stores in the mid-Atlantic region, as well.

“Farrell Distributing Corporation in Burlington, Vermont is among our more recent partners,” Boyle notes. “Our first customer in Vermont was the State House, which is now serving Litl’ Squirts to school groups that tour the Capital. We’ve been very successful in Maine, as well, where over 150 stores are selling our product line – including L.L. Bean and a growing number of resort towns, like Kennebunkport.”

As major cities including Philadelphia, New York City and others still debate whether or not to levy taxes on sugary beverages and sodas– or to ban them outright to curb consumption and impact epidemic obesity rates – Litl’ Squirts’ may also provide a way to ‘rethink the drink’ outside the classroom.

Learn more about Litl’ Squirts, which can be ordered through and a growing list of businesses in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, at