Pro Balance, Inc. Launches Protein Shot

CLEARWATER, Fla. — It is widely known that most people don’t get enough protein in their diets to promote lean muscle growth, fat loss and to be properly energized for their active lifestyles. But that’s about to change with today’s announcement of the availability of The Original Protein Shot™,, which just made its debut at the southern Women’s Show in the Walgreens exhibitor Pavilion. Formulated by nutrition leader Pro Balance, Inc., with more than 20 years in the fitness, health and nutritional supplements sectors, The Original Protein Shot™ is a superior way to get the most, and most easily metabolized, protein in a great tasting, convenient, nutritionally packed 3oz. package.

The Original Protein Shot™ is loaded with 28 grams of specially formulated hydrolyzed protein using the proprietary HydroMaxx™ protein blend created by Pro Balance, Inc. The HydroMaxx™ blend requires the use of the highest grade of pharmaceutical protein providing for 100 percent protein absorption meaning more protein is delivered to the body more efficiently. The result is The Original Protein Shot™ delivers the highest concentration of easily metabolized protein of any product on the market, a full 200 percent more than protein category leader Muscle Milk.

It also means that The Original Protein Shot™ delivers 48 of the top-grade amino acids and nutrients the active body needs for growth and recovery versus the competition who delivers only 10. Combined with its unique protein delivery system, The Original Protein Shot™ boasts a composition that’s better than virtually every other protein supplement and protein powder available. It is lower in calories, carbs and sodium than the competition. It is also Gluten, lactose and caffeine free. For those who want additional energy, there’s a version with natural caffeine added and The Original Protein Shot’s™ 4 flavors, Tropical Mango, Wild Berry, Berry Frost and Strawberry Banana, are all natural. Each shot is expected to sell at a suggest retail price of $2.99 per bottle.

“We have taken years and gone to great lengths to perfect the protein and the way it is delivered in The Original Protein Shot™,” said CEO Tom Carlin of parent Pro Balance, Inc. “We know we’re creating an entirely new category of protein products that consumers who want to be healthier and more fit will be attracted to.”

“The response to The Original Protein Shot™ at the Southern Women’s Show was outstanding and so is consumer response as we bring the product to market. Retailers should be excited about this category-creating product because the margins are strong and it’s easy to carry and display,” said John Carlin, Pro Balance, Inc. COO.

About The Original Protein Shot™ and Pro Balance, Inc.

The Original Protein Shot™ is already available in close to 35,000 leading retail outlets such as Walgreens and Duane Reade and availability continues to expand rapidly. For more information contact the Pro Balance, Inc. headquarters at 727-531-8506 and visit the web site at