Real Water Brings Alkalized Water to Market

Maintaining its dominance in the “enhanced waters” category, the Real Water brand brings Real Alkalized Water to market shelves. Already a popular part of a healthy lifestyle with celebrities such as singer Miley Cyrus, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, and BMX athlete Chad Kagy, Real Water is purified water that has a special treatment at the end of the purification process called E2 Technology. The proprietary E2 Technology adds electrons to the water through electrical restructuring that yields alkalized, negative ionized water that is a powerful antioxidant providing ultra hydration on a cellular level.

And why is this creating such a spike in sales? With the proprietary E2 Technology ®, Real Water® is the only alkalized water that can maintain a stable negative ionization, which is important because negative ions help neutralize Free Radicals and provide a powerful antioxidant effect. Most drinking water is acidic and may be unhealthy. Many nutritionists believe that most diseases flourish and grow rapidly in an acidic environment.

Brent A. Jones, company President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, is quick to point out that Real Water® does not make any health claims because it is illegal to do so in the United States. “That is why we recommend that consumers do an Internet search to learn about the powerful and numerous benefits of alkalized and negative ionized water,” adds Mr. Jones.

Other reasons to consider Real Water as part of an overall program for wellbeing:

  • With an 8.0 pH, Real Water is slightly alkaline where most bottled waters are acidic. A growing number of health professionals promote the health benefits of an alkalized body.

  • Real Water is antioxidant water. The negative Oxidation Reduction Potential helps neutralize Free Radicals and promotes ultra cellular hydration helping the body flush out harmful toxins.

  • Taste! Most who try Real Water believe it is the best tasting and smoothest premium bottled water they have ever tasted.

  • Real Water bottles are made from 100% Recycled Plastic known as rPET.

Real Water is sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Raley’s, HEB and Basha’s. Locally, it is also available at independent natural product retailers such as Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara and Pacific Health Foods in Carpinteria.

In addition to Real Water’s  commitment to health, Mr. Jones supports numerous charities such as the American and Nevada Diabetes Associations, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the UNLV Foundation and Opportunity Village. He has been a consistent supporter of “Hope for Prisoners,” and Real Water counts many employees as success symbols of the program.

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About Real Water

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Real Water is a socially conscious company with the dedicated purpose of elevating customers’ lifestyles with better health and nutrition by creating awareness and the use of the proprietary E2 Technology. Known as the only premium bottled water with stable negative ions, Real Water is one of the fastest growing brands in the enhanced water beverage category.