Real Water Remains Committed to Shrinking Carbon Footprint

LAS VEGAS — Mastering the three Rs of environmentalism – reduce, reuse, and recycle – Real Water has become a leader in the green-practices business community. Real Water is purified water that has a special treatment at the end of the purification process called E2 Technology. The proprietary E2Technologyadds electrons to the water through electrical restructuring that yields alkalized, negative ionized water that has a powerful antioxidant effect providing ultra hydration on a cellular level.

Though continuous escalating consumer demand requires keeping around-the-clock distribution channels open, Real Water is firmly committed to shrinking its carbon footprint and uses the recyclable plastic PET and rPET bottles. (PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. rPET bottles are created from recycled PET.) In addition to providing an excellent quality of plastic, which makes it perfect for bottles, rPET can also be recycled. Consumers also benefit from PET’s well-established and convenient recycling infrastructure and help close the loop on millions of pounds of post-consumer plastic bottles.

Real Water is available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Raley’s, HEB, Arizona-based Bashas’, and Las Vegas based Smith’s chains. Locally, it is also available at independent natural product retailers such as Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara and Pacific Health Foods in Carpinteria.

As part of Real Water’s commitment to health, the company supports numerous charities such as the American and Nevada Diabetes Associations, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the UNLV Foundation and Opportunity Village,  and “Hope for Prisoners,” from which  Real Water counts many employees as success symbols of the program.

The only alkalized water that can maintain a stable negative ionization, Real Water helps neutralize Free Radicals and provides a powerful antioxidant effect. With sales continuing to grow in the heavily competitive $1.9 billion water category in all grocery markets, Real Water is deeply committed to environmentally sustainable business practices.

About Real Water

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Real Water is a socially conscious company with the dedicated purpose of elevating customers’ lifestyles with better health and nutrition by creating awareness and the use of the proprietary E2 Technology. Known as the only premium bottled water with stable negative ions, Real Water is the fastest growing brand in the enhanced water beverage category.