True Drinks Announces Distribution With Valu Merchandisers

IRVINE, Calif. — True Drinks, Inc. (OTCQB: TRUU), a healthy beverage provider with major entertainment and media company licensing agreements for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles, today announced that the AquaBall™ Naturally Flavored Water has been accepted for distribution with Valu Merchandisers Co., a division of Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG).

Valu Merchandisers Co. distributes health and beauty care (HBC), general merchandise (GM), and specialty food products to retailers. The company also provides merchandising and promotional programs to retailers helping them to sell products at retail stores. It offers merchandising assistance, promotional support, inventory control, and customer services. The company also conducts trade shows for retailers to view new items, get merchandising ideas, purchase show items, and meet manufacturers and brokers. The company is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Valu Merchandisers Company operates as a subsidiary of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Jason Dorfman, National Director of Sales for True Drinks, commented, “We are excited to work with Valu Merchandisers. Their ability to open up distribution for AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water to multiple channels and many strategic retailers will increase our general retail footprint across 22 states. The most important area of focus for the sales organization is to grow general market share and increase our national presence.”

About True Drinks, Inc.

True Drinks, Inc. is a beverage company with licensing agreements with major entertainment and media companies for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles. AquaBall™ Naturally Flavored Water, the Company’s vitamin-enhanced water that was created as a 0 calorie, sugar-free alternative to juice and soda for kids, is currently being sold into mass-market retailers throughout the United States. For more information, please visit and