Vanity, a New All-Natural Dietary Supplement, Promises “Fountain of Youth in a Can”

Ingredients shown to improve longevity, fight aging included in new beverage from BeCare Life Services

TULSA, Okla., Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — BeCare Life Services is proud to announce the nationwide launch of Vanity – the first all natural dietary supplement with proven anti-aging ingredients of its kind.  Created by seasoned entrepreneur Brandi Hezinger, this revolutionary product combines scientifically tested ingredients into a tasty, convenient, and portable package.  Vanity will be available online at, and sold in natural food stores and health spas across the United States starting October 23.

Vanity blends the best possible known ingredients that doctors and practitioners have identified to preserve youth and vitality, making them more accessible and affordable to consume in a fruity beverage.  Vanity contains no preservatives. Hydration is essential to life, drinking Vanity is an easy addition to one’s overall health regimen.

“Science confirms that what we consume most affects our liveliness, skin and overall appearance,” said Hezinger, BeCare founder and CEO.  This statement is the foundation of Vanity.

Vanity helps nourish skin, increase metabolism and boost brain power.  Just a few supplements found in Vanity are:

  • Green tea extract – known for its antioxidants, metabolism boosting properties and for its power to fight obesity.
  • Resveratrol – a natural ingredient found in red wine and cocoa that has been linked to the prevention of age-related health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.  Evidence shows resveratrol may also help combat premature aging of cells.
  • Macca – an ancient remedy that helps to relieve stress and combat fatigue.
  • Kiwanch – a special bean extract that helps produce and release effective, natural Human Growth Hormone.  The increase of HGH and other youth hormones are known to reduce wrinkles and body fat, increase bone density, enhance energy and contribute to longevity of life.

Lab testing has verified the anti-aging effects of Vanity, which is projected to cost consumers around $4 per can when released.

Hezinger has seen the affects of aging on women over 30 and was determined to slow the aging process for herself and others.  In her mission, she traveled the world seeking out and testing the most innovative, effective products and supplements to naturally enhance health and beauty.  She then took the best of those quality ingredients and began mixing a beverage in her home kitchen.

Hezinger started seeing great results from her experiment.  Encouraged by a friend, she decided to test and mass market her creation.  That is how Vanity was born.

“‘Vanity’ to us means self-esteem and has no association with narcissism,” Hezinger said, as she explained the reasoning behind her new product’s name.

“It is contradictory that consumers spend billions each year on beauty and fashion products but feel ashamed to admit that behind all of their purchases is the ever present human desire to look and feel our best,” Hezinger said.  “At BeCare, we celebrate and encourage the quest for youth, beauty and energy. It’s human nature to want to be attractive.”

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