5-hour Energy Announces Sponsorship of Oribe Peralta

If the Torreón Terror is feeling sluggish, he should have no shortage of 5-hour Energy to help him out.

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Living Essentials, the distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots, today announced the sponsorship of Mexican soccer star Oribe Peralta, striker for the Mexican National Team and MX Santos Laguna team, a top scorer in the CONCACAF Champions League, and the 2013 CONCACAF Player of the Year. This is the first time 5-hour ENERGY® has worked with a professional soccer player.

“We are thrilled to have Oribe Peralta as part of 5-hour ENERGY®’s growing roster of world-class athletes,” said Scott Henderson, president, Living Essentials. “With 2014 being a World Cup year, this is an exciting time for us to work with a world-class athlete in this hugely popular sport. We see a lot of promise and future in the Mexican National Team led by Oribe Peralta.”

Peralta was a key player on the 2012 Mexican Olympic team, which won gold in London, beating Brazil 2–1. He made history when his first goal, scored in 29 seconds, was the fastest in the Summer Olympics and in any FIFA tournament final. With a total of four goals, Peralta was the top scorer for Mexico. Off the field he’s a devoted husband and father of two young children.

“I’ve been telling the guys on the field that 5-hour ENERGY® helps me stay alert, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with a much larger audience,” said Peralta. “Between traveling all over the world playing soccer and keeping up with my kids, my energy and focus levels must be at their best.”

About 5-Hour ENERGY® 

5-hour ENERGY® is a liquid energy shot that provides a feeling of energy and alertness that lasts for hours. It contains a blend of B-vitamins and amino acids with zero sugar (only four calories) and caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee. It is available at retail outlets in the United States and Canada as well as throughout the U.K., Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and South Africa.

About Oribe Peralta 

Oribe Peralta is a Mexican professional soccer player who plays as a striker for Santos Laguna of the Liga MX and the Mexican National Team (MNT). Peralta was the top scorer and key player for the MNT to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. He also scored two goals in the gold medal match at the 2012 Olympic soccer tournament against Brazil, which was the first Olympic gold medal for Mexico in soccer. Currently Peralta is a key player in his participation in the World Cup Brazil 2014. His exceptional level has allowed him to be a fundamental part of various achievements including the 2012 Clausura title and Subcampeonatos League CONCACAF Champions.