Amy & Brian Coconut Water Brand to Offer Lime Variety

amy brian limeLOS ANGELES — In the past 5 years, the coconut water industry has exploded as one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the U.S. and is predicted to soon reach $1 billion. With so many coconut waters on the market, consumers may not consciously differentiate one brand from another. Experts note that flavor variety is a crucial element for brand distinction.[ In this category, Amy & Brian Coconut Juice ( surpasses all aspiring competitors with a variety offered by no one else: all-natural lime!

Lime’s citrus taste is a flavor coveted by many. Fresh and tart, lime-infused beverages are in fact rising in demand, according to the New York Times. While pineapple, mango, and peach are existing flavors among several coconut water brands, lime remains unchartered territory in the coconut water category. Meeting the demand for lime, Amy & Brian is the pioneering brand to provide the fun and spirited Coconut Juice with Lime flavor.

A winner of taste tests, Amy & Brian provides a product offered by no one else. With smooth vanilla and caramel undertones, Amy & Brian Naturals is already known for its fabulous taste, but its crisp lime infusion offers a new paradise.

Yoga-lovers and thirsty runners can indulge in a tart, refreshing beverage in lieu of the conventionally sweet fruit flavors like mango and pineapple. With Amy & Brian’s fresh lime variety, the coconut craze just got zestier.

While flavor is a vital quality to drive consumer interest, price is still a major consideration. In this category, Amy & Brian again trumps competition. An ideal choice for athletes and families, Amy & Brian provides exciting unique flavors (and also, smaller 10 oz. cans) for great prices.

About Amy & Brian Naturals

Amy & Brian Naturals, a family-run business, has been selling coconut water for over a decade. Sourced only from Thai coconuts, Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice has a natural sweetness and well-rounded coconut taste without additional sugar.  Available in a variety of flavors (including fresh lime) and sizes, Amy & Brian is passionate about giving consumers a great tasting product.  Amy & Brian Coconut Water can be found with or without pulp in mainstream and natural specialty supermarkets throughout North America.

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