Balance Cleanse Soon Available in Kroger Stores

Balance CleanseNEW YORK — Balance announced this week that starting in October, Balance Cleanse will be available in the natural section of over 1,500 Kroger stores including Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Dillons, King Soopers and Fry’s.

Balance Cleanse is between a spring water and a tea. It contains four well known Australian wildflowers that impart a gentle benefit. These flowers have a history of Aboriginal use dating back thousands of years. Wandarra Essences (a wholly owned subsidiary of Balance Water) sends out teams multiple times a year into some of the most remote parts of Australia to hand pick these specific flowers that are growing wild (not farmed) and make essence concentrates (similar to a tea). These essences are then shipped to California, New York and Germany where they are added to the best available spring water from high altitude sources. Balance is refreshingly non-flavored.

“The decision by industry leader Kroger to range Balance in so many of their stores speaks volumes as to the direction the beverage industry is heading. All natural, basic, genuine products that are healthy and refreshing are increasing in popularity.” said VP Sales Bruce Trent. “The growing feedback we are receiving is that consumers are becoming increasingly wary of sweeteners, preservatives and flavors regardless of whether they are natural or artificial. That combined with somewhat misleading serving size calculations for sugar and calories are making consumers skeptical. Balance is a de-evolution into something elegantly simple, pure and quite unique in the beverage industry. It fills a white space in the non-flavored planogram of stores.”, Trent added.

Balance has the added environmental benefit of not shipping heavy finished product around the world (bottling occurs locally where it is sold). Balance also doesn’t get drawn into the bottled vs tap water debate since Balance has botanical infusions.

About Balance Water

Balance Water was started in Sydney Australia where it grew steadily to enjoy local success. Balance is currently bottled in Sydney Australia, Sierra Nevada California, upstate New York and Cologne Germany using Australian wildflowers and premium local spring water. There are currently five varieties of Balance; Cleanse, Mind, Relax, Refresh and Travel. Balance is available in several thousand stores throughout the US such as The Fresh Market, regional Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Duane Reade, Walgreens, Amazon etc. Balance Travel is only sold in hotels, airlines and

airports. For additional information please visit or email