BUFF WATER Signs Endorsement Deal with CFL All-Star Hugh Charles

Dallas, TX – (February 6, 2014) BUFF WATER announced today that the company has reached an endorsement deal with Canadian Football League athlete Hugh Charles. Charles is now in his seventh season with the CFL and is currently a member of the Edmonton Eskimos. In addition to serving as a BUFF WATER Brand Ambassador, Charles will regularly contribute blog entries on the BUFF WATER website and participate in social media activities as the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos team looks to return to the 2014 football season this spring.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Charles went on to play college football at Colorado and was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2007 before signing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2008. Charles is currently a running back for the Edmonton Eskimos. A member of the team since 2011, Charles has been a critical piece in the team’s success for both the 2012 and 2013 football seasons. Following the season, Charles was resigned by Edmonton through the 2015 CFL season.

“We are thrilled to sign Hugh Charles to an endorsement deal,” said Christopher Wages, Co-Founder and President, BUFF WATER, Incorporated. “Hugh has a promising football career ahead of him as he continues to be a valuable asset to the Edmonton Eskimos. His spirit and passion for the game and strong desire to win on the football field makes Hugh an ideal BUFF WATER sponsored ambassador. We are pleased to welcome Hugh to the BUFF TEAM.”

Charles’ football skills extend far beyond the field of play all the way to his daily regimen. Charles remains dedicated to educating fellow athletes and piers of the innovative and ground-breaking formulation of BUFF WATER which enhances the body’s own natural creatine supply while keeping it hydrated in the process.

BUFF WATER was engineered to be the most ADVANCED Sports Performance Fitness Water you can buy. BUFF WATER consists of a powerful blend of creatine precursors, Glycocyamine (which is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that’s actually the precursor of creatine), Betaine, and Electrolytes. Glycocyamine delivers creatine-like results, including improved performance, delayed muscle fatigue, and greater-than-normal gains in both muscle size and strength. Electrolytes are there to keep the body energized and hydrated.

BUFF WATER, Inc. manufactures and distributes a full line of ready to drink enhanced sports performance fitness water all across North America. BUFF WATER, Inc. is based out of Dallas, Texas.

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