Cool Mountain Beverages Expands Distribution Across North America

cool mountain 480DES PLAINES, Ill. — Cool Mountain Beverages continues to expand globally –in this case on the same continent – to include distribution in Canada. Buckstone Distributors, which distributes an assortment of specialty food and gift products, now carries the full line of Cool Mountain craft sodas, making the USA-made soda available in Canada for the first time.

Buckstone Distributors, specializing in gourmet foods and gifts from around the world, has a history of developing small craft brands. “Adding our brand to its distribution seemed like the right opportunity at the right time,” said Bill Daker, President of Cool Mountain. “Our soda fits perfectly in Buckstone’s long list of gourmet food items, which include sauces, jellies, and other specialty items.”

The popularity of craft sodas has sprung from a health conscious trend of people making better food choices, and the expansion of Cool Mountain’s distribution has benefited from that trend. “We provide people with premium flavor selection made with better ingredients,” said Daker. “Our gourmet sodas are made in small batches. When you choose a Cool Mountain soda, you are choosing quality over quantity.”  And demand for quality craft soda is on the rise.

As part of its specialty food category, Buckstone carries all eight Cool Mountain craft soda flavors, which include Root Beer, Black Cherry, Blue Razzberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, Orange Cream, Peach, and Cream Soda.

Cool Mountain Also Mixes it Up Down South with Ingles Markets

Cool Mountain’s sodas have been so successful in Ingles Markets in the past year that Ingles has expanded the brand from the cooler to the shelf. Cool Mountain’s newly designed Swirl of Flavor mix-and-match variety pack is serving to expand the line.

The addition of the variety pack means that Ingles will now carry a total of six stock keeping units (SKUs) for Cool Mountain sodas. “We are extremely excited by this opportunity, which was initially developed with the buyer from Ingles,” said Bill Daker, President of Cool Mountain. “Taking a cue from Ingles’ success in the craft beer category and considering the wide flavor selection Cool Mountain provides, it just made a lot of sense.”

Ingles self-distributes its own merchandise from a distribution center in Asheville, N. C., which is also where the headquarters is located. The company’s highly efficient warehouse and distribution center is within 250 miles of Ingles’ retail stores, which include more than 200 locations where Cool Mountain can be found, in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Their location and self-distribution facilitate their high standards of quality and freshness.

And Back Up North, Cool Mountain Beverages

…Celebrates the Adventure with Macs 

Macs is “not just another hardware store” and Cool Mountain is not just another soda, so it only makes sense that these two should get together and finish off the summer with the splash of cool refreshment.

Macs, of Minnesota and North and South Dakota have a storied history of carrying everything you could possibly need from a hardware store and more, much more .  And things you wouldn’t normally find, like premium craft soda.

Nothing refreshes you better than a Cool Mountain soda after a hard days work. Hand crafted in small batches, Made with Pure cane sugar, 100% caffeine free and lightly carbonated for pure taste perfection, Cool Mountain will be marketing all their mouthwatering soda flavors with Macs.

With a keen understanding of the active lifestyle, a taste for the unique and devoutly environmentally conscience, bottling in glass and using recycled cardboard in all our packaging,   Cool Mountain sees this association with Macs as a natural for their soda and a perfect choice as Cool Mountain further expands throughout the U.S.

Incorporated in May 1997, Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc. (CMB) is based in Des Plaines, Ill. and is licensed and distributed through franchisee agreements throughout the U.S, Canada and Malaysia and throughout the world online 24/7. With continuing, steady growth, Cool Mountain Beverages has established a strong reputation for both their superior products and socially responsible approach to business.

Are you thirsty? 

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