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Shirley Temple Product-153PHILADELPHIA — For many children, being served a refreshing Shirley Temple is like getting a pass to sit at the grown-up table. For adults, the beverage is often a fond reminder of their childhood years. Recognizing the popularity and nostalgia of the non-alcoholic cocktail, The Shirley Temple Soda Pop Company decided to bring the drink to the retail aisle by packaging it in beverage cans. To reintroduce the brand, called Hollywood’s Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop, to a new generation of consumers, the company partnered with CROWN Beverage Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) (, to create packaging that was as fun and vibrant as the product within it.

Chet Prater, The Shirley Temple Soda Pop Company’s President, was inspired to create the soft drink when his young sons requested the beverage, then only available in restaurants, while they were shopping in a store. From its inception, the company has remained family-owned, with Prater’s son, Kenneth, eventually joining the business. In keeping with the family theme, Prater and The Shirley Temple Soda Pop Company focused on creating a drink that met demands of modern consumers for products using all natural ingredients. As a result, Hollywood’s Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop is made with pure cane sugar and is caffeine-free, making it more suitable for children.

With other companies starting to develop competing Shirley Temple products, it was critical that Hollywood’s Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop maintain its unique image and color scheme. While the company had worked with other packaging suppliers in the past, it decided to partner with Crown on the redesign based on the level of collaboration offered as well as its dedication to quality. Intended to attract young consumers, as well as the young-at-heart, the new package design features the brand’s iconic fountain glass and straw – long associated with the Shirley Temple – along with the brand’s original retro blend of bright pink and teal colors.

“It was extremely important that the vivid design and signature colors be reproduced crisply and cleanly,” said Chet Prater. “Crown’s team was friendly, accommodating and available throughout the process, making sure that the final design met our brand’s standard.”

From the day he was inspired to bring the drink to market, Prater was committed to packaging it in cans, due to the format’s durability and portability. Both of these attributes make beverage cans ideal for consumption while outdoors or on-the-go. Cans also offer a barrier against light and oxygen, protecting the product within and letting consumers enjoy the same quality beverage every time. Additionally, cans have strong sustainability credentials, being conveniently and infinitely recyclable.

“Working with The Shirley Temple Soda Pop Company was an opportunity to promote a fun, authentic brand that rekindles happy memories for modern consumers,” said Brian Thiel, Craft Brand Manager at CROWN Beverage Packaging North America. “Chet and his team recognized the opportunities associated with packaging their drink in beverage cans, both to create a 360-degree billboard for the brand and as a means to engage consumers at the point-of-sale.”

Based on the West Coast, the brand is steadily growing in popularity, with retailers throughout the United States and Canada stocking the drink, which is available in 12oz cans. The brand’s authenticity also recently caught the attention of The Food Network, which visited The Shirley Temple Soda Pop Company to film a TV spot focusing on the titular beverage. The internationally popular television channel was drawn to the fact that the brand is family-owned, telling the story of how it has been able to succeed against similar products from larger beverage brands.

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