Ibex Drinkable Yogurt Returns to Expo East With New Organic Line

Skyland Foods Working with New Broker to Gain New Placements and Expand Distribution

(Washington, DC) Brandon Partridge, Founder and CEO of Skyland Foods, announced today that Skyland Foods would again be an exhibitor at Natural Products Expo East, to be held September 18-20, 2014, at the Baltimore Convention Center.

“We had a great experience at Expo East last year and we are preparing for an even better show in 2014”, Partridge explained.  “We are especially excited about our new, organic Ibex® Drinkable Yogurt with probiotics, prebiotics, and 8 grams of protein.  New consumer insights continue to affirm demand for healthy, organic snacks with less sugar, and the appeal of probiotics, protein, and fiber.  In short, Ibex® is positioned to give consumers what they want.”


In addition to a revamped product line, Partridge also announced a new relationship with Tozzi & Associates, a leading natural foods broker on the East Coast.  “We believe our new, certified-organic Ibex® Drinkable Yogurt is poised to make great strides in the dairy cases of premium natural and specialty food retailers in the East and, working with the team at Tozzi & Associates, we hope to dramatically expand the distribution in the coming months.”

Ibex® Drinkable Yogurt is real, organic yogurt that delivers the power of probiotics and prebiotics with great taste and less sugar.  Ibex® is packed with what you want (probiotics, prebiotics, and 8 grams of protein), has less of what you don’t (gluten-free, no GMOs, and no fake sweeteners) and is made the way you like (certified organic, just 5 grams added sugar, and with milk from small farms).

Come see Ibex® Drinkable Yogurt next week at Expo East in Booth #2108, sample all four flavors (including Coconut and Raspberry, both brand new this summer), and learn about the company’s plans for the brand.

Skyland Foods creates exciting, great-tasting products for people who want to love their food and be good to themselves.  Based in Washington, DC, the company produces and distributes Ibex® Drinkable Yogurt, a line of real, organic yogurt that delivers the power of probiotics and prebiotics with great taste and less sugar.  Drawing on the idea that “you are what you eat”, Skyland Foods’ products embody the concept: “Eat Good. Be Good”.