Keeper’s Gate LLC Debuts Élan Sport

elan sportLAS VEGAS — Keeper’s Gate, LLC, a Nevada corporation, is pleased to announce the debut of its revolutionary health and wellness beverage, Élan Sport, to outlets nationwide.

Élan Sport, is an evolutionary type of beverage created with one goal in mind: to offer the most advanced and innovative nutritional beverage ever to be developed.

After six years of intense clinical trials and studies, and millions of dollars spent on research and development, the beverage has been shown to reduce fatigue by 40% while increasing strength and performance. The formula went through five generations of product and innumerable field tests and focus groups to get just the right combination of power factors without sacrificing taste or its goals for health and longevity. 

“The difference between our product and the others on the market can be summarized in two words: ‘Energy: Redefined,’ says Leonard “Cody” Holt, Director of Sales and Marketing at keeper’s Gate. Holt has been active in health and wellness for over 30 years. “We have selected the most impressive natural ingredients to deliver a breakthrough in vitality, stamina, endurance, and energy

“We believe this to be the highest quality nutritional beverage backed by scientific research in the world.”

The effects of most sports and energy drinks on the market today are primarily produced by “synthetic stimuli” – ingredients that can have dangerous side effects. These drinks are loaded with sugars, high fructose corn syrup (HFC) and caffeine that offer a temporary energy ‘boost’ but can be harmful to one’s health. Portrayed as ‘fuel,’ these popular beverages only contain traces of real vitamins or other nutrients to actually nourish and rebalance the body. 

The company has developed a unique process to filter and pasteurize its all-natural formula to give it a shelf life of 18 months without the use of artificial ingredients. It contains no synthetics, no preservatives, no GMOs and is gluten-free. It contains  20% real fruit juice.

All of the ingredients in Élan Sport have been tested and evaluated under extreme conditions. What makes it revolutionary are its signature ingredients. Four of the most notable are Sustamine, Betaine-Alanine, Betaine, and Essentra, otherwise known as Ashwaganda Extract.