Lotus Elixirs Launches Functional “Balance” Drink

Rexam Lotus Botanical ElixirsINDIAN WELLS, CA – Lotus Elixirs North America announces the launch of the first ready-to-drink botanical elixirs featuring the iconic lotus flowers to promote balance in the human body.

According to Lotus CEO and Founder Scott Strader, “Consumers now have a healthy, refreshing, great tasting alternative to energy drinks and functional beverages with a clear point of difference, ‘BALANCE.’ Other functional beverages only offer a quick-fix to symptoms of imbalance; low energy, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus and sleep. Lotus Botanical Elixirs address the underlying cause of the problem by helping the body restore balance.”

Lotus Elixirs are infused with Lotus Flowers, Rhodiola Rosea, and Schizandra Berry, widely recognized by many cultures for thousands of years for their legendary rejuvenating effects. Modern science has classified this elite group of botanicals as “adaptogens,” which many nutritionists assert work like a thermostat in the body to normalize imbalance caused by stress.

Lotus Elixirs come in three super-fruit infused flavors, Wild Berry, Cranberry and Raspberry –low in calories (60 calories per 12 oz. can), lightly sweetened with organic pure cane sugar, lightly carbonated, and naturally caffeinated (from organic green coffee beans) with no artificial ingredients.

“Most people enjoying Lotus Elixirs soon discover that they are more than just a great taste experience. Lotus fans report a wide range of effects from increased energy and stamina to diminished stress and heightened focus. It’s about ‘The Lotus Effect’ — Refresh your balance for the best version of you,” says Strader.

Lotus Elixirs are currently available throughout Southern California in convenience and grocery stores, including Gelson’s, and in many natural and specialty stores through Natures Best. Suggested retail for a 12 oz. can is $2.49. Roll out is planned across the country in 2015. Lotus is also available for delivery to anywhere in the U.S. on Amazon.com with free delivery. For a complete list of retailers and online sellers of Lotus Elixirs visit www.lotuselixirs.com.