Mix1 to Support Active Lifestyle Organizations

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Mix1 Life, Inc., (OTCBB: MIXX) announced today that it plans to donate a portion of its revenue back to non-profit organizations that support healthy lifestyles, including youth and adult sports leagues and events and programs that inspire communities to live healthier lifestyles. Through the program “1% for Change,” Mix1 will strive to donate 1% of its revenue to support community sports and organizations that promote members of its community to engage in active lifestyles, in addition to programs that educate schools on natural nutritional products and their health benefits. The Company will strive to partner with other healthy living focused brands to accelerate its efforts and impact.

Cameron Robb, Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The goal of ‘1% for Change’ is to inspire people to be active and make informed nutritional choices, resulting in a healthy lifestyle. To help individuals maximize their health, we will support community organizations that promote the benefits of daily exercise and good nutrition and make programs that support a healthy lifestyle more accessible to members of their respective communities through various sponsorships.

“We are striving to educate people that by ‘mixing it up’ with 1 change, they can make an impact on the lifestyle they live. Our goal is to encourage people to mix up their routine with exercise and to mix up their diet by adding more healthy and balanced nutritional products, including – of course – our delicious and natural protein shakes. It is our belief that by focusing on just 1 change on a daily basis, 1 change on a weekly basis, and 1 change on a monthly basis, people can improve their own lives as well as their communities.”

Through select sponsorships, 1% for Change will improve access to sports and fitness, as well as to programs that spread the message of the positive benefit of making healthier nutritional choices on a daily basis. 1% for Change strives to encourage positive, long-term changes that empower and support communities.

Amanda Shinners, Director of Community Outreach for Mix1 says, “Mix 1’s company mission is to promote active and healthy living while nurturing the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. We are proud to support initiatives that we feel will better their respective communities through ‘1% for Change.'”

About Mix1 Life, Inc.

Mix1 Life, Inc., (“MIXX” or “mix1″), is the innovator and distributor of mix1 natural nutritional products. Here at Mix1 the philosophy is pretty simple: we only create products with natural, high-quality ingredients that are truly functional. We believe natural products are better than artificial ones and are the key to leading a healthy balanced life. As a company we want to improve people’s lives by promoting active lifestyles and overall health. Mix1 has the perfect mix to fit your life and schedule. Never again will you miss getting the necessary nutrients because you were too busy to eat. We strive to help you make healthy choices during your busy day in order to help you feel your best not only today, but every day.