truBrain Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Think Drinks

LOS ANGELES — truBrain has created a solution for those tired of the temporary fix provided by energy drinks. Think Drinks, available today on Indiegogo, provide a boost in cognitive nutrition that creates optimal conditions for memory, complex reasoning and sustained energy while also keeping the brain healthy. truBrain hopes to raise $50,000 over the course of the 30-day campaign.

truebrainThink Drinks provide a more stable mental boost and have compounding effects over time when used as a regimen, unlike highly caffeinated energy drinks.

“Think Drinks are the first of their kind. Nootropics have been around for a very long time, but up until this point no one has really discovered a way to take nootropics and make them palatable,” said Garrett Ruhland, who leads Product Research & Development at truBrain. “What we’ve done is create a nootropic formula from existing ingredients that have already been researched and put that together for a synergistic blend and served it in doses that are actually significant for our users.”

Think Drinks were developed by a team of top neuroscientists, and are appropriate for anyone who wants to increase their mental stamina. High-performing professionals, working parents and busy students can all find benefits from a Think Drink regimen. The synergistic effects of Think Drinks provide a sustainable edge of focused cognitive performance and productivity.

Think Drinks are vegan, gluten and dairy-free, non-GMO, packed with antioxidants, and naturally sweetened. The Think Drink regimen includes a morning drink that comes in caffeinated and non-caffeinated options, an afternoon drink to sustain the mental energy, and a turbo drink for whenever an extra boost is needed.

Contributors to the truBrain’s campaign on Indiegogo will receive a tester-pack of all three Think Drinks for just $15. A contribution of $40 earns 5 morning drinks, 5 afternoon drinks, and 2 turbos- enough supply to experience a full week with the difference of Think Drinks. For $100, campaign funders will receive a month’s supply of Think Drinks. These are discounted prices for the pre-order campaign, and will increase in the future. To learn more about truBrain and contribute to the campaign, visit


truBrain is an accelerator-backed neurotech startup founded by a team of PhD neuroscientists passionate about bringing the overlooked power of brain nutrition to the masses. They have spent years quantifying attention and focus in the brain and developing a formula to optimize performance. Their formula has been validated by a year of selling the dry recipe and several studies in live working environments. To take the final step and bring the benefits of their studies mainstream, truBrain turned to Indiegogo to fund their first production run of Think Drinks and get the product into consumers hands as soon as possible.