WTRMLN WTR Pop-Up Store Hit SoHo

NEW YORK — Imagine a giant, hot pink corner storefront in the heart of Soho during Super Bowl weekend!  You feel the warmth from within attuned to the brand tagline Summer In Your Mouth.  Watermelon skin pressed against the glass wrapping the building’s second floor windows and dance music filling the space. This weekend World Waters invited the people of New York and tourists alike into the 2,000 sq. ft. WTRMLN WTR pop-up store and welcomed people to experience the brand, the product and the lifestyle. The delicious, pretty in pink, nutritionally outstanding WTRMLN WTR curated a weekend full of events to celebrate all of the occasions the product is suited for in everyday life.

WTRMLN WTR hosted a series of events including a 7:30 am Daybreaker dance party with 150 people who came together to dance at dawn. The Daybreaker event was sponsored by The CLEAN Program positioning WTRMLN WTR as a nutritious base for morning smoothies and wellness detox. World Waters produced late night music and magic with Babel New York, and a daytime Superhero Training Camp for kids with the Super Sprowtz. Super Sprowtz is a media platform that teaches kids to gain their superpowers by eating fruits and vegetables a mission close to heart for World Waters.

Throughout the week, the WTRMLN WTR Sugarbabies graced the crowds in their full bodysuits that look like the product packaging and offered everyone a taste of the beverage people can’t stop talking about! WTRMLN WTR brought people from all walks of life together to enjoy the beverage. Parents and party-goers alike were buying cases of the good stuff to please their loved ones this weekend and boasted that WTRMLN WTR is the low-sugar treat that kids crave as well as the perfect cocktail mixer for a Super Bowl extravaganza.