XYIENCE Announces Partnership With Wirtz Beverage Nevada

LAS VEGAS — XYIENCE Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC®, announces that a new partnership with Wirtz Beverage Nevada (WBN) offers the brand access to more than 1,700 stores in Southern Nevada. Wirtz Beverage is offering its grocery, convenience and specialty stores the complete line of sugar- and calorie-free Xenergy energy drinks that includes eight flavor offerings.

WBN’s non-alcoholic portfolio will also include XYIENCE’s non-carbonated Xenergy + beverages: Xenergy + Tea, + Lemonade and + Hydration; each are available in two flavors.  Wirtz is also offering retailers XYIENCE’s four packs.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE will continue to enjoy its presence in major convenience store chains in the area such as Terrible Herbst, Rebel Oil and Speedee Mart. This new relationship offers the brand shelf space in major grocery stores like Smith’s Food and Drug, Vons and Albertsons along with exposure in gift shops located in high-traffic zones in the city’s major hotel and casinos and shopping malls.

“Wirtz Beverage Nevada is an ideal partner for XYIENCE because of its expertise in channel selling,” said Reuben Rios, XYIENCE’s vice president of U.S. sales. Rios notes that WBN offers the brand access to specialty retailers catering to Las Vegas’ Hispanic population along with retailers in other regions of Southern Nevada.

“The exposure on the Las Vegas Strip, which is an international destination, means that our brand can benefit from exposure to Las Vegas’ nearly 39 million annual visitors,” said Rios. “This is a major win for our team. We look forward to a successful relationship with Wirtz,” adds Rios.

XYIENCE’s new line extensions along with increased distribution made for a strong finish in 2013. In recent months, XYIENCE has returned to double-digit growth.

About XYIENCE (pronounced zy-ince) 

Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE’s sports nutrition products, which include Advanced Protein Complex, Pre-Workout Booster and Thermogenic Fat Burner, among others are designed to support an active and healthy lifestyle. The brand’s flagship product is Xenergy (pronounced zen-er-gy) –the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®). Launched in 2006, Xenergy is the first energy drink created by a nutrition company and the fastest growing brand in its category. Positioned as the energy drink of the health club, XYIENCE Xenergy is marketed to adults over the age of 18. Xenergy is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage that is made with all-natural flavors and colors. Xenergy energy beverages are available in Frostberry Blast, Cran Razz, Fruit Punch, Mango Guava, Blu Pomegranate, Cherry Lime, Tangerine and Melon Mayhem. The Xenergy energy family also includes: Xenergy + Lemonade Pineapple and Raspberry and Xenergy + Tea Honey Ginseng and Raspberry Acai. Xenergy + Hydration Grape and Tropical Punch are non-caffeinated beverages fortified with electrolytes and a blend of B vitamins. For more information about XYIENCE Xenergy, visit www.xyience.com.  Or connect with XYIENCE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.