Amy & Brian Naturals Introduce “Be Better” Brand Ambassador Team

amy brian 480Los Angeles, CA (February 2015) — Active, passionate consumers are responsible for driving the rapid growth of the functional beverage market, which is predicted to reach 5% of the overall U.S. food and beverage market this year[1].  Individuals of all ages look to functional beverages for boosts of hydration, added nutritional benefits, and energy to fuel daily activities and personal development goals.  Encouraging consumers committed to following their passion,Amy & Brian Naturals (, a global producer of popular, all-natural coconut water, launched its Brand Ambassador program to partner with sport and music celebrities embodying its Be Better™ philosophy.

Amy & Brian brand ambassadors are committed to living passionately, embracing family, and inspiring others all while enhancing the communities that have supported them as they strive to “Be Better.”

The Amy & Brian brand ambassador team includes:

Jared Dudley: An accomplished NBA basketball player known for his three point shot, Dudley has become an inspiration for many athletes and for his community in San Diego which has always supported his success. As Dudley set out to improve his health through healthy eating, he discovered Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water, which soon became his favorite beverage for all-natural, thirst-quenching hydration.

Chantae McMillan: Olympic heptathlete, Chantae McMillan, recognizes that the purest ingredients are essential for her body and her promising career. A rigorous training schedule and ambitious athletic goals necessitates a lifestyle of healthy choices. When caring for her body means her success as an athlete, McMillan insists that her beverage boasts the simplicity of a single ingredient: pure, Thai coconuts.

Georgi Karakhanyan: A skilled mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, born in Russia and now an American citizen, who competes in the featherweight division as part of Bellator, his motivation and enthusiasm drives his success both in and out of the ring while vigorously defending his family.

Matt Irie: A talented singer/songwriter, producing a fusion of Reggae, Hip Hop, Acoustic and Blues music, loves that Amy & Brian “stays true to its natural roots”.

Carly Wilson: A pro surfer native to Santa Cruz, California, Wilson studies sustainable food systems in school, and is passionate about surfing, the outdoors and building community.

Salt Lake International Speedskating Team: As an elite level training destination for speedskaters, the SLI Speedskating Team fosters rigorous mental and physical development to help their athletes strive to “Be Better” and reach their full potential.

Amy & Brian strongly believe in supporting individuals who lead with energy, creativity, and passion while pushing the limits and following their dreams. “Be Better means to strive for improvement every day”, says pro surfer Carly Wilson. “Whether that means conquering a new surfing maneuver, dropping in on a bigger wave, or gaining confidence in my education, there is always room to ‘Be Better’.”

Through this program, Amy & Brian Naturals encourages active individuals to achieve their goals and to “be better.” By promoting community among customers and brand ambassadors, Amy & Brian’s coconut water continues to bring together individuals who are living life passionately to “Be Better” together.

About Amy & Brian Naturals

Amy & Brian Naturals, a family-run business, has been selling coconut water for over a decade. Sourced only from Thai coconuts, Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water has a natural sweetness and well-rounded coconut taste without additional sugar.  Available in a variety of flavors (now including Cinnamon and Grape) and sizes, Amy & Brian is passionate about giving consumers a great tasting product.  Amy & Brian Coconut Water can be found with or without pulp in mainstream and natural specialty supermarkets throughout North America.

For further information about Amy & Brian Naturals or for media related inquiries, please contact Lauren Haines of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email