Chobani Founder Invests in La Colombe Coffee Roasters

257218PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — La Colombe Coffee Roasters, an industry leading quality-coffee company, announced today that it has welcomed Hamdi Ulukaya, renowned food entrepreneur and founder, CEO, and Chairman of Chobani LLC, America’s #1 Greek Yogurt brand, as its sole investor. La Colombe CEO and co-founder Todd Carmichael and co-founder JP Iberti will continue to lead the company in their current capacities, and Ulukaya will serve as an investor and the majority owner of the company with no board responsibilities and will continue to serve as Chairman & CEO of Chobani.

“Amazing things happen over coffee, and meeting Todd and JP was one of them,” said Ulukaya. “I believe in the quality of the product, the brand vision of La Colombe and the experience they’ve created in their cafes. I completely share Todd and JP’s mission to increase the craft and quality of coffee in America while elevating the cafe experience to something truly special.”

“Welcoming Hamdi to our team is a whole new level for us,” said La Colombe CEO and co-founder Todd Carmichael. “I’ve spent over 20 years sourcing and crafting the perfect coffee and Hamdi shares our vision and craft to create a better coffee experience, with our products and our cafes, and continuing to create something totally different — a brand and a product that uplifts.”

La Colombe opened its first cafe on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia in 1994 and now owns and operates 12 locations across Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and D.C., with dozens more in the pipeline. In addition to cafes, the company provides its signature classic blends and exceptional single-origin coffees direct-to-customer on its website and at national retailers through its wholesale channels. La Colombe is also developing plans to improve every segment of the coffee industry with high-quality offerings, including groundbreaking ready to drink, single serve, retail, e-commerce, and packaged coffee. More information about the new products will be made available soon.

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La Colombe is a Philadelphia-based specialty coffee roaster known for ethical, long-term trade practices with growers. It provides signature classic blends and exceptional single-origin coffees to cafes, hotels, and restaurants around the world. The company owns and operates 12 cafes, with an additional five scheduled to open in 2015. For more information,