CideRoad Organic Switchel Expands Distribution

cideroad smaller1/12/15 – Mendham, NJ – CideRoad, a new line of bottled switchel founded by husband and wife team, Kevin Duffy and Hilary LaForge, is now being distributed by Associated Buyers (NH) and Haddon House (NJ). Such collaborations will continue to land their switchel on the shelves of the top stores like Kings Food Markets where it’s now being carried. Kings Food Markets is a specialty, upscale supermarket chain with locations in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. On the brokerage side, CideRoad is now being represented by Tozzi and Associates and Main Street Marketing which, together, have a combined reach from Florida to Maine.

So, What The heck is Switchel and Why Should You Try It?
CideRoad Organic Switchel is a sweet-tart-gingery beverage that exudes a slight tang from apple cider vinegar, touch of sweetness from maple syrup and note of spice from ginger. It’s the perfect refreshment for any time of day whether that be working in your garden, after a run or even working off a mean hangover. Plus, with under 70 calories per serving and lending the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, sour and tart, you can enjoy it guilt-free as a flavor packed cocktail mixer!

Every swig of CideRoad Organic Switchel contains: 

Apple Cider Vinegar – Lends a tart tang and is claimed to help
lower blood pressure & cholesterol and help balance the body’s alkalinity…also it’s known to cure just about everything! It’s antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, so it can soothe your sore throat, heal your heartburn and so much more!

Maple Syrup – This traditional sweetener has a lower glycemic index than sugar is packed with antioxidants and helps replenish energy.

Ginger – A spice utilized for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, ginger is best known for alleviating
nausea as it promotes the secretion of various digestive juices and enzymes that neutralize stomach acid. Also, it’s anti-inflammatory making it a valuable tool for muscle and joint relief.

CideRoad’s Organic Switchel is topped off with purified H2O and a dash of cane syrup for a proprietary riff on this traditional tonic. Available in: Original, Blueberry and Cherry!

A New School Spin on a (Very) Old School Concoction
Husband and wife team, Kevin Duffy and Hilary LaForge were first introduced to switchel while on a ski trip to Vermont a few years ago. While exploring a side-road they came across a country store that was selling a home-made version in mason jars and after one sip, they were blown away by how different and tasty it was. Back at home, they started experimenting with their own recipe and now are excited to introduce this unique and historic beverage to the masses. Their twist on this classic is one our Founding Fathers would be proud of!

CideRoad’s Organic Switchel is Available in Original, Cherry & Blueberry at a growing number of natural and specialty stores. Online at SRP is $3.49/bottle