Kristian Regale Launches FRISA

ALLENDALE, N.J., Jan. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Kristian Regale, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of FRISA.  FRISA is a uniquely delicious, non-alcoholic, ultra-premium, sparkling European-inspired botanical beverage.  FRISA Elderflower, FRISA Ginger Hibiscus, and FRISA Black Currant Rosehip are all 100% natural, GMO free, gluten free, and caffeine free.

The all-natural products are packaged in elegant 750ml glass bottles, are lightly sweetened with a hint of natural cane sugar, and are under 100 calories per serving.

FRISA Elderflower showcases the aromatic, honey-scented flavors of elderflower.  This sparkling beverage combines the finest ingredients to embolden the natural subtleties of elderflower.  FRISA Ginger Hibiscus blends the earthy spice of freshly grated ginger with the botanical notes of hibiscus.  It is sharp and crisp, while at the same time soft and fragrant.  Last, but certainly not least, FRISA Black Currant Rosehip offers a unique flavor profile and combines the boldness of black currant with the botanical notes of rosehip.  The result is a beverage unlike any other: light & refreshing with the complexity of its unique ingredients.

Casey Beard, GM & COO of Kristian Regale, Inc., commented: “We could not be more excited to introduce the world to FRISA.  We have gone to great lengths to create a better-for-you, unique, and natural sparkling botanical beverage that will appeal to the sophisticated tastes and aspirational demands of today’s consumer.  ‘FRISA’ is ‘European for refreshing,’ and I look forward to joining consumers across the country in welcoming the refreshing deliciousness that is FRISA to America.”

FRISA will launch in January 2015 at the Winter Fancy Food Show (booth 5511) in San Francisco, California.

About Kristian Regale, Inc.

Kristian Regale, Inc. makes the world’s finest lineup of unique sparkling beverages.  Kristian Regale products are always 100% all-natural and alcohol-free, and its namesake brand is the top selling Swedish-Style Sparkling Juice Drink in the US.  The company’s European recipes produce a distinguished, light, crisp, and refreshing taste that is alcohol-free, and goes great with any kind of food.  Kristian Regale was founded in 1987 in Hudson, WI, and its products are sold through mainstream supermarket chains, specialty gourmet, and natural food stores.  The company’s products are widely distributed across America, Canada, and select countries across the globe.