LaShawn Merritt Joins Amy & Brian’s as Brand Ambassador

home_original_canLos Angeles, CA (August, 2015)— Two time Olympic gold medalist, LaShawn Merritt, knows discipline on the track involves proper hydration. His winning swiftness is a result of a rigorous training schedule and a steady intake of coconut water, which is high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Dieticians recommend that athletes like Merrit should drink coconut water during training and exercise for better performance and recovery.[1] With the 2016 Olympic Games in his sights, Merrit recently joined Amy & Brian’s team of Brand Ambassadors. Merritt’s athletic ability, strong sense of family, and his passion for bettering his community, make him a welcome addition to the Amy & Brian Coconut Water ( team.

“We are thrilled to add LaShawn to our team, as his positive outlook and perseverance align perfectly with Amy & Brian’s values,” says Kate Flores, of Amy & Brian. “We are excited to work with LaShawn and our other brand ambassadors to continue our push for our loyal customers to lead the Be Better lifestyle and be inspired to reach their personal and career goals.”

Merritt was already a top athlete in high school, darting around the track to set the second fastest indoor 400m time ever at the age of 18. Merritt went on to achieve his dreams and win two Olympic gold medals in 2008. At the 2011 World Outdoor Championships, he continued to scorch the track, winning the silver medal while recovering from an injury. This month, Merritt anchored the USA in the IAAF, BTC World Relays leading to a victory in the 4x400m over the Bahamas.

“I train to win. Every day my mentality is to train hard to win,” says Merritt. “I work hard and let my hard work be my confidence once I line up.” Merritt, who grew up in a close family environment, looks to his late brother for inspiration to Be Better in all aspects of his life. With strong family support and unmatched determination, Merritt is consistently making his home state of Virginia proud, and hopes to help alleviate regional violence and poverty.

A family-owned business that actively supports all people aiming to Be Better, Amy & Brian looks forward to supporting Merritt as he continues to excel in his career. With a commitment to working hard and giving it his all, he makes a fantastic role model for others striving for success. His immense talent and desire to improve all people and situations around him has secured a bright future for LaShawn Merritt as he strives daily to Be Better with Amy & Brian.

About Amy & Brian Naturals

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