LifeFuels Launches Nutrition Management and Tracking System

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.23.00 AMRESTON, Va — LifeFuels is excited to announce the launch of their revolutionary product. The LifeFuels smart bottle is the next generation of beverage consumption and nutrition management. It intelligently dispenses, learns, and tracks the vitamins, minerals, supplements and flavors consumed by users.

The LifeFuels system consists of three intuitive parts, built around what people want and need in their lives.

  1. Smart water bottle – a bottle designed for real life. The 18-ounce, BPA-free bottle contains water-level aware technology, automatic FuelPod dispensing and an on-bottle LCD-screen.
  2. The FuelPod Marketplace – a vast and growing selection of vitamin, mineral, supplement and flavor products formulated by the industry’s leading brands and packaged in a recyclable pod specifically for smart, easy consumption and tracking.
  3. The LifeFuels App – a brilliant mobile interface that learns from your body, behaviors, and lifestyle. It pulls data from popular fitness wearables and apps to provide consumers a complete picture of their daily nutrition, hydration and active lifestyles.

LifeFuels works with leading beverage and nutrition brands to repackage their products into FuelPods; recyclable 1 ounce packages that hold single or multiple servings of a growing selection of vitamins, minerals and beverage concentrates. Each FuelPod has a unique RFID tag that reads and tracks the nutrition and consumption of products. The LifeFuels bottle holds 5 FuelPods at a time, allowing consumers to have everything they need to fuel their lifestyle.

“Today, fitness wearables measure basic output like steps, heart rate and pace. But activity tracking is only a partial view into our wellness picture,” said Jonathon Perrelli, Co-Founder and CEO of LifeFuels. “The LifeFuels system uses intuitive products and concepts to smartly automate and track the missing piece: what we put into our bodies. We’re fundamentally changing the way people consume everything from water enhancers to energy drinks, nutritional supplements, strength training formulas, and weight-loss products.”

Dozens of companies like EBoost, Sprayology, Trace Minerals and H2W0W have already partnered with LifeFuels and the number continues to grow. LifeFuels is preparing to unveil over 100 FuelPods in the marketplace later this fall.

“We love the innovation and vision that LifeFuels is bringing to the wellness industry,” said Tim Welch, CEO of H2WOW and former CEO of Emergen-C. “We’re thrilled to be joining the FuelPod Marketplace and offer our all natural products in the new FuelPod form-factor.”

The LifeFuels app provides a user experience that includes automatic tracking and logging of water and added nutrient intake; detailed FuelPod nutrtitional information; customized wellness suggestions and easy access to the FuelPod Marketplace. The more a consumer uses their LifeFuels smart bottle and app, the smarter it becomes. The app uses data such as prior consumption, nutrition goals, health information from synced fitness devices, wake time and current weather readings to make intelligent recommendations.

“Fueling your body throughout the day should be fun, not a chore,” said Josh Taekman, founder of EBOOST. “That’s why we’re so excited to be offering a range of EBOOST FuelPods. Partnering with LifeFuels will make it easier than ever before to feel great and do more.”

The LifeFuels smart bottle understands what you need and when you need it. It automatically aligns hydration and dispensing of FuelPods to optimize your results.

The LifeFuels smart bottle is available to pre-order until the end of August exclusively through for $99, which includes a smart bottle and FuelPod welcome pack (shipping included). Pre-orders will be delivered in Fall 2015.

The LifeFuels smart bottle is simplifying nutrition and hydration management. It’s putting health back in the hands of consumers.

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About LifeFuels:

LifeFuels is a health technology company devoted to bringing responsive intelligence to the fields of nutrition and hydration management. They believe in fearlessly building a healthier world, empowering people with magical products, and simplifying wellness through intuitive design.

The company’s inaugural product bridges a crucial gap between nutrition and wearable technology, enabling people to live longer, happier and healthier lives.