Midori Matcha Launches in Unsweetened and Honey Flavors


Los Angeles – July 23, 2015 – Midori Matcha delivers its new line of premium Cold Brewed Matcha green tea beverages in the ready-to-drink tea market. Two fresh flavors, Unsweetened and Honey, premiered this year in retail locations across Los Angeles and offer the most convenient way to enjoy matcha’s powerful health benefits including steady energy, sharpened focus, lifted mood, and enhanced metabolism.

“We’re so thrilled to be sharing these with the world,” says co-founder Dmitry Steinbuchel. “Matcha is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants on the planet and to hear that it is improving our customers’ health and productivity is an amazing feeling. Our goal with the Cold Brews was to eliminate the time-consuming preparation of powdered matcha and, instead, offer a simple, convenient option for those with active lifestyles. Midori Matcha is something that you can carry with you to stay charged and alert throughout the day,” says Dmitry Steinbuchel.

Both varieties come in sizable 16oz bottles, are USDA Certified Organic, under 20 calories, and contain zero added sugar or artificial ingredients. Additionally, Midori Matcha preserves their products with cold pressure (High Pressure Processing) rather than using damaging heat pasteurization. Through this innovative technique, they’re able to increases shelf life while maintaining the tea’s natural color, taste and nutrient-potency.

“It’s our number one rule: if they don’t have the same vibrant color and taste as freshly prepared matcha, they don’t get put on shelves. That’s something we care a lot about,” says co-founder John McCaleb.

For more information about Cold Brewed Midori Matcha, or to place an order, visitwww.midorimatchatea.com.


Midori Matcha, an organic beverage company based in Los Angeles, is bringing convenient Cold Brewed Matcha to the masses. Made from stone-ground green tea leaves, matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse that naturally boosts health, increases energy, and lifts mood. Midori Matcha offers refreshing, ready-to-drink matcha beverages using an innovative high-pressure Cold Brewing process that preserves the tea’s original purity, nutrients and taste. Now available in two flavors, Unsweetened and Honey, Midori Matcha is USDA Certified Organic, low-calorie, and free of added sugars and artificial ingredients. Follow us on Facebook @MidoriMatchaCo, on Twitter @MidoriMatchaCo or on Instagram @MidoriMatcha