Mudra Mushroom Iced Tea Now Available in Whole Foods’ Northeast Region

68266f_fcf80d1f9b294cda9e0c9e099a8ac3f0.png_srz_p_93_228_75_22_0.50_1.20_0RAMSEY, NEW JERSEY (March 6, 2014) – Mudra Mushroom, the world’s only bottled mushroom green tea is now available in 30 stores in Whole Foods Northeast division. Each bottle of Mudra Mushroom contains 1.325 grams of Reishi mushroom and Chaga mushroom extract, made by 5.8 grams of raw mushrooms per bottle!

Spiritual seekers, kings, and meditation masters alike have sought after these mushrooms. Some call it a “Gift From the Gods”.  We call it “Meditation in a Bottle”.™

Chaga is a primary adaptogen and it’s purifying, detoxifying and healing properties have been known in Russia for centuries. People in Siberia still brew and drink chaga instead of black tea or coffee. Russian scientists have noticed that in areas where people regularly drink chaga tea, the rate of cancerous diseases among local folk have been much lower than in other regions and illnesses connected with stomach are almost unknown there.

Chaga mushrooms contain: polysaccharides, alkalines, phyto-nutrients, organic acids and many important minerals and micro-elements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium and others. Many anticancer properties are now being attributed to beta glucans and melanin. Chaga has a high level of melanin that protects DNA and fights radiation by activating the pineal gland.

In short, chaga mushrooms are one of the most potent superfoods, tonics and natural medicines available. (this site lists all the references used to make these claims) 

Traditional Eastern medical science explains reishi’s wide range of medicinal applications better, perhaps, than mainstream medicine ever could. According to Eastern thought, the body needs to defend itself against threats to its “equilibrium.” These threats can be physical, such as viruses and bacteria that cause infection; emotional, such as stressors that cause anxiety; or energetic, in that they reduce alertness. Whatever the threat, reishi helps the body maintain its defense against these threats to its equilibrium, helping the body to maintain balance.

Doras Naturals to Distribute in Metro NY

Dora’s Naturals, a privately owned distributor of natural and organic products, will distribute Mudra Mushroom to all classes of trade in Metro New York which includes New York City, Westchester, Orange and Rockland counties, Southern Connecticut, and Northern and Central New Jersey. Doras is part of a family of companies all family-owned, and distributes brands like Blue Print, Harmless Harvest, GT’s Kombucha, Guayaki, Sambazon and others.

Mudra Mushroom is represented by Cascadia Managing Brands

Mudra Mushroom is represented by Cascadia Managing Brands a leading beverage brand management and consulting firm based in Ramsey, NJ.  Cascadia is handling sales, distribution, marketing, branding, positioning and general consulting for Mudra Mushroom worldwide.

About Mudra Mushroom:

After experiencing the empowering effects of lucid dreaming, Jeremy Spang finally could understand what the draw was for meditation and a lifestyle with spiritual progression as the priority. The hunger began to go further and with that the desire to share these new found benefits also manifested. From this passion, their floatation center, Surrender to the Float, was born and from that came the idea for Mudra Mushroom tea.

After working at the float center and seeing the benefits of floating, and how well they were received, Nathan had an idea. He knew that many of the same calming and enhanced focus effects were enjoyed by him and his friends who would harvest chaga and reishi mushrooms to make tea near their farm in Connecticut. When he brought up this tea idea to Jeremy there was an instant spark and the passion to investigate the possibility of creating this tea as a bottled ready to drink beverage began.

What we drink and eat are two of the 5 most influential factors on our environment and the better the food and drink the more conducive our environment will be for spiritual progression and for a more meaningful life in general. This is why Nathan and Jeremy put the best possible ingredients they knew of into their tea and because no one else had yet to do it they knew it was worth the effort to create it themselves.

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About Doras Naturals:

Dora’s Naturals delivers to over 3000 plus store locations in the tri-state area reaching as far south as Virginia and reaching as far north as New Hampshire.

Through their hybrid distribution and merchandising system, Dora’s Naturals effectively delivers and services large, high volume supermarkets, national drug and natural food chains as well as small independent accounts and on-premise/food-service locations.

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About Whole Foods:

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About Cascadia Managing Brands:

Cascadia Managing Brands is a leading consumer packaged goods brand management firm with deep expertise across all key areas of the food and beverage business including planning, sales, marketing, training, finance, operations, logistics and general management. Together they have over 70 years of beverage experience including Evian, Snapple, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nantucket Nectars, Carvel, Fresh Samantha (Odwalla), Naked Juice, The Switch, Clearly Canadian, Zico, Hint and many more. Together Cascadia has over 70 years of beverage experience including Evian, Snapple, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nantucket Nectars, Carvel, Fresh Samantha (Odwalla), Naked Juice, The Switch, Clearly Canadian, Zico, Hint and many more. For more information please visit, “like” Cascadia Managing Brands on Facebook and follow on Twitter @CascadiaBrands.