Music Stars Help Launch Core Water

221676LOS ANGELES, June, 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The most buzzed about premium water on the market promises to deliver healthy hydration, while its line-up of Hollywood investors continue to grow.  Becky G, Diplo, Juicy J, Max Martin and Katy Perry are some of music’s most recognizable names and, now, brand investors.

“Hydration is key for me since I’m always on the go- whether it’s on tour or working out,” commented Katy Perry. “Not only does Core come in a beautiful package and taste great, it’s pH balanced to work in harmony with my body. It’s just natural for me to want to be a part of something that makes me feel good.”

As the brand continues to roll out its groundbreaking package and premium water that is balanced with electrolytes and minerals to achieve the body’s “Perfect pH” of 7.4, CORE brand investors will take part in digital, social media and PR around the brand, as well as continue to drink CORE as part of their daily lives.

CORE HYDRATION® is ultra-purified using a seven stage proprietary process including U.V., carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation that removes harmful impurities and contaminants.  It is then balanced with the perfect blend of electrolytes and minerals that complement the levels that naturally occur in the human body, resulting in a clean and crisp tasting water with the “Perfect pH” of 7.4. The body’s optimal pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45.

As more health conscious consumers become aware of the harmful effects of an acidic diet and seek ways to bring their body fluids within an acceptable range, CORE serves up a solution as it works in harmony with your body’s natural pH balance.  Since water accounts for up to 75% of the body, it’s easy to see how the water we drink can greatly impact the pH of the body.

Innovative packaging and science based ingredients prove that style and function on-the-go can be achieved with CORE’s three trademarked bottles.  The ergonomic and proprietary bottles are available in 20 ounce and 30 ounce PET packaging, featuring a contoured shape, wide mouth closure and translucent blue over-cap, as well as, a convenient 24 ounce sports-cap bottle. The bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free.

“This is an exciting time for CORE as we continue our rapid growth and connect with influencers who are seeking the next generation of premium water,” concluded Eric Berniker, CORE Nutrition, LLC., CMO.

About CORE Nutrition, LLC.
CORE Nutrition is a southern California-based health and wellness company founded on innovative technology and science by leaders in the beverage and music industry.  Through a unique process, CORE HYDRATION® is ultra-purified and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to achieve your body’s “Perfect pH” of 7.4. Available in 30 ounce and 20 ounce wide mouth closure PET and a 24 ounce sports-cap PET, CORE’s revolutionary bottle is 100% recyclable and BPA free.  Co-founder Lance Collins, best known for creating billion dollar brands like FUZE® and NOS Energy® teamed up with Lukasz Gottwald, the highly acclaimed music producer, better known as Dr. Luke.  Dr. Luke was named as one of the top performing producers of the 2000’s and has dominated the Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 singles list since 2005.  CORE’s Music Brand Ambassadors include Becky G, Diplo, Juicy J, Max Martin and Katy Perry.  CORE HYDRATION® can be found at major retailers such as, Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway, Bristol Farms and 7-Eleven. Please to learn more and to find a retailer near you.