Robinson Beverages Launches Premium Juice Brand CRUDE

CrudeBLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Jan. 5, 2015CRUDE, a better-for-you beverage brand founded on the belief that good juice comes from simple, high-quality, whole-food ingredients, introduces its first two ready-to-drink juice products to health conscious consumers this month. CRUDE Green #1 and CRUDE Red #1 feature whole fruits and vegetables including spinach, carrots, beets and pears, among others, that are cold-pressed into individual 16-ounce bottles. Both varieties have a suggested retail price of $7.99 per bottle.

CRUDE provides a true, fresh juicing experience by including no added water, sugars, concentrates or flavors. Additionally, it is high pressure pasteurized to preserve nutrients.

CRUDE Green #1 brings together spinach, honeydew, lime, carrot, orange and spirulina to contribute to its green superfood powers that can help support healthy and vibrant skin. CRUDE Red #1 is a tasty blend of pear, beet, ginger, aloe, and coconut water, rich in antioxidants and properties that may help support the immune system and digestion.

Brett Robinson was just 18 years old when he founded Robinson Beverages, LLC in 2013. His mission was to create a consistent brand people could trust to deliver pure (crude) juice with no water or additives included.

“I’ve always been interested in whole foods and nutrition and fresh juicing appealed to me,” said Brett Robinson, CEO & founder of Robinson Beverages. “However, it was a chore to shop for all the fresh ingredients and outside of the city it was rare to find a good juice bar.  I developed CRUDE to offer a genuine juice experience in a convenient, ready-to-drink format. CRUDE is one of the only juice lines that has no added water, sugars, concentrates or flavors, so it really is 100 percent crude.”

CRUDE utilizes some of the industry’s most advanced production methods, including a high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) method of pressurized sterilization that retains nutrients and ensures safety from bacteria causing spoilage. In addition, the juice retains its essential nutrients via a cold pressing method of grinding, chopping and extruding the juice through hydraulic pressure versus blending, which can emit heat that may damage natural nutrient values.

CRUDE juice champions great taste, nutrition and high-quality ingredients for those looking for a nutritious beverage without the hassle of juicing.

All CRUDE juices are certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and naturally gluten free. In addition, all bottles are made of PET recyclable materials that are BPA free.

Sales inquiries can be directed to or by phone at 248-283-9000.

About CRUDE/Robinson Beverages LLC

Robinson Beverages was founded by 18-year-old Brett Robinson in 2013 based on the belief that good juice comes from simple, high quality, whole food ingredients. Always passionate about food and cooking, Brett thrived on concocting delicious beverages to come up with the brand’s introductory juice. After tireless trips to the produce section of the local grocery store to experiment with an assortment of ingredients and hundreds of trials later Brett perfected the recipes and looks forward to bringing great tasting beverages beyond his kitchen, to the rest of the county. The company’s mission is to deliver an honest brand people could trust. CRUDE’s introductory fruit and veggie-blended juice line includes two flavors, CRUDE Green #1 and CRUDE Red #1.Additional flavors will be available for purchase in early 2015.