Scientists Discover 18 Antioxidants in Arty Artichoke Water

Arty WaterIrvine, California (PRWEB) February 10, 2015–Following two years of extensive research to identify phytonutrients in Arty Water, we are proud to announce the discovery of 18 antioxidants in this exciting new beverage.

Arty Water is the world’s only superfood beverage made from fresh California artichokes. Artichokes are known to contain unique antioxidants and vitamins that may remove toxins, enhance digestion, and help people elevate their daily antioxidant intake. Arty Water uses a patent-pending extraction process to produce a refreshing tasting experience containing these unique antioxidants.

CEO Howard Ketelson, a Ph.D. chemist, confirmed that the identified antioxidants are unique to the whole artichoke, and Arty Water intentionally uses whole artichokes in the innovative process. “We have spent considerable time and engineering to use the entire artichoke, including the stem, which provides for a wide range of antioxidants that are not found using only the edible portions of the artichoke. Independent testing of Arty Water identified important antioxidants that are reported in the scientific and medical literature to be beneficial to health, and some of these include cynarin, gallic acid, silymarin and cichoric acid.

“We continue to believe that nature is the best chemist,” reported Dr. Ketelson. Although much more work is needed to understand the bioavailability and clinical impact of the identified antioxidants, we are proud to be able to show the nutritional value that nature brings to Arty Water. We always source fresh artichokes, lemons, and spearmint from the United States, and within 2 weeks Arty Water is produced,” said Dr. Ketelson.

Arty Water continues its research in this area through collaborating with universities and nutritionists, expanding this important area of antioxidant research and promoting the value of plant-sourced beverages.

Arty Water was nominated as the Best New Product in 2014 by Nutritional Outlook magazine and has received rave reviews from fitness and health advocates. The product was recently launched across Whole Foods retail stores in New York and New Jersey, and the Arty Water Company will be attending and promoting Arty Water at the upcoming Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim.

About Arty Water

Arty Water is a multi-functional beverage containing antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. It is is vegan, non-GMO, low-glycemic, and contains no preservatives, artificial ingredients or caffeine. Made in the USA, Arty Water sources local ingredients and supports farming communities that promote sustainability and conservation. Arty Water Company is a Texas Corporation. For more information, visit