ULIVjava Expands West Coast Distribution into Safeway and Vons


CROSS RIVER, NY. AUGUST 25, 2015 – ULIVjava is very pleased to announce that our naturally delicious, low-calorie Mocha and Vanilla ready-to-drink iced coffees are now being sold in approximately 264 Safeway and Vons stores in southern CA and Phoenix, AZ making ULIVjava’s distribution footprint bi-coastal.‘Our first order destined for Safeway & Vons shipped from our warehouse in upstate NY at the end of May,’ reports Mary Tedesco, ULIVjava co-founder. “When a re-order came in early July, we were pleased and excited that our brand was so readily embraced by these retailers, and that more stores are eager to stock their shelves with ULIVjava!”

The company’s west coast representative, F & M Merchant Group, is equally excited by the expansion opportunity. “We anticipate that many regional and national chains will respond to the ULIVjava brand in 2016, building on the overwhelmingly strong response generated in our initial meetings. It is unusual for chains the size of Safeway to commit to an unproven brand so quickly. The combination of differentiation in the category, quality of product and Martha’s endorsement have come together in perfect harmony here to create a very strong sense of urgency and excitement aroundULIVjava,” says George Fiscus, Managing Partner of F & M Merchant Group.

At the end of July 2015, approximately 95% of the stores in the southern CA and Phoenix AZ divisions were set and selling. ULIVjava is looking now to deepen distribution in those markets, and to supporting strong sales with sampling and promotions.
About ULIVjava Martha Stewart “Coffee with Benefits”® 
ULIVjava Martha Stewart “Coffee with Benefits”® ready-to-drink iced coffees were introduced in July 2014. Created by Martha Stewart’s longtime personal trainer, Mary Tedesco, and clinically-trained celebrity nutritionist, Kathleen Schoen. ULIVjava Martha Stewart “Coffee with Benefits”® was developed to incorporate the nutritional value of green tea and other herbs and botanical ingredients into coffee. The ready-to-drink beverages contain 80 calories per serving, and use organic fair-trade coffee. The line currently includes Mocha iced coffee and Vanilla iced coffee.