VROU Water Launches into Tri-State Region

de4320_e4d47a322c474cd2bbb44c94800dd81a.jpg_srb_p_358_537_75_22_0.50_1.20_0NEW YORK, NY – As former professional athletes, Kathryn Moos and Jeff Mroz knew what it took to function at optimal levels, both physically and mentally. They were surrounded by the best nutritionists, coaches, and resources and became very knowledgeable about health, realizing the importance proper eating and drinking had on performance, energy, and mental acuity.

To recreate the nutritional experiences they had as professional athletes, Kathryn and Jeff started VROU. Its first product, VROU Water was launched to hydrate and fill the body with more nutrients than any other beverage. Positioned as a lifestyle beverage, VROU Water incorporates Clean Hydration and High Density Nutrition by providing consumers essential nutrients to help support Immunity, Bone Strength, and Metabolizing Energy for the every day.

Other professional athletes have found a place for VROU Water in their daily training routines. New York Rangers, Chris Kreider, Cam Talbot, and Kevin Hayes can be found drinking and tweeting about VROU, along with Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper who’s most well known for training Dr. Oz.

VROU Water addresses the biggest daily health challenges of our time: chronic dehydration, nutrient deficiencies and obesity, which all lead to fatigue, soreness, and suboptimal performance. To elaborate on how big these issues really are: 76% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, over 90% have some sort of nutritional deficiency, and 35% of Americans are obese. “We’re looking to make an impact on these numbers and improve the quality of the every day” says VROU Founder Moos. “Consumers are getting smarter, they want healthy water alternatives that deliver functionality, in addition to a great taste.”

VROU Water comes in 5 great naturally flavored combinations offering unique flavor profiles rarely seen in today’s market (Lemon Ginger, Cucumber Lime, Orange Guava, Pineapple Mint, and Coconut Mango). Served in a 12oz glass bottle, they are all zero calorie, no sugar, and free of any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. VROU Water can be found throughout Whole Foods in NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut in addition to several independents such as Agata & Valentina, Westside Market, and Eli Zabars. VROU also offers a Free NYC Delivery service and subscription plans for easy home and office consumption and is available on Amazon for those out outside of the Region. “We are very excited about the positive reaction our customers have had to VROU Water. Increasingly, we’re seeing people make informed decisions about what goes into their bodies. They are realizing that they need nutrients, not sugar. The great taste and high levels of nutrients we have in VROU Water have allowed our brand to gain early adoption in the marketplace.”


VROU is built around the importance of “Clean Health”, with the idea of consuming only the ingredients we need with none of the things we don’t. With each product, our goal is to provide the most amount of nutrients in the least amount of calories, or High Density Nutrition, a value that ensures our products contain only the most essential nutrients combined with cutting edge nutritional research so that each nutrient is optimally absorbed. We are dedicated to increasing awareness about what we put into our bodies and reinforcing our commitment to constructing creating an easier way to consume clean and healthy products.

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