Celsius Partners with YHS Singapore

Boca Raton, FL (July 11, 2016) – Celsius Holdings, Inc., (OTCQX: CELH) the creator and marketer ofCelsius®, the world’s first negative calorie drink backed by clinical science, announces today a major expansion of the brand’s international distribution network through a partnership with YHS Singapore(Yeo’s), a globally-renowned, multi-national corporation and drink manufacturer headquartered in Singapore. The launch will increase product availability for Celsius throughout Yeo’s distribution network in Singapore beginning in the third quarter, with a planned expansion into Malaysia and Indonesia later this year.

Yeo’s is widely recognized as a beverage leader across Southeast Asia, with an extensive distribution network supported by sales, marketing, and beverage production expertise. Yeo’s has experience managing a portfolio of some of the world’s most renowned beverage brands, and has developed a diversified range of food and beverage products that have made strong footprints in many parts of the world. Yeo’s has anchored robust presence in Singapore and Malaysia, and extensive distribution around the world such as U.S., Europe, Australia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar,Vietnam and many more.

“As a result of our company’s growth trajectory, Celsius is thrilled to launch its products via Yeo’s distribution network as part of our strategic global expansion,” said Gerry David, President and CEO ofCelsius. “Through our partnership with Yeo’s, Celsius will be positioned in a rapidly growing category as the ideal choice to meet the demands of consumers seeking energy drinks with calorie burning options.With proven success in a variety of countries and channels, we look forward to bringing Celsius toSingapore, while continuing to catapult our growth opportunities around the world.”

The energy drink market expected to grow at 11% CAGR between now and 2019. With a population of more than 285 million consumers in total, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia represent some of the fast-growing segments of this global opportunity, through their large and influential consumer base.

“The ready-to-drink energy category has seen significant growth in Singapore and its neighboring countries in recent years,” said Melvin Teo, Group CEO of Yeo’s. “Our partnership with Celsius will further expand Yeo’s beverage product portfolio, while enabling us to provide consumers with more unique product offerings. We look forward to bringing a new and enticing product category to our consumers and contributing to Celsius’ overall global success.”

With the growing demand for healthy and intelligent beverages in international markets, Yeo’s will begin distributing Celsius throughout Singapore, with Malaysia and Indonesia slated for launch later in the year.

About Celsius Holdings, Inc.

Celsius Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: CELH) is a global nutritional science based company, founded in April 2004.Celsius Holdings, Inc. has a corporate mission to become the global leader with a portfolio of functional brands offering proprietary or patented brands offering significant health benefits steeped in nutritional science.

Celsius comes in seven delicious flavors, carbonated and non-carbonated, and in powder stick formulasthat can be mixed with water. Celsius has no preservatives, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, noartificial flavors or colors and is very low in sodium. The Celsius line of products is kosher and vegancertified, Gluten Free, and sugar free. The first university study was conducted in 2005, and additionalstudies from the University of Oklahoma were conducted over the next five years. All studies werepublished in peer-reviewed journals and validated the unique benefits Celsius provides to the consumer.

For more information, please visit www.celsius.com.

About YHS Singapore

Established in 1900 and publicly listed in Singapore since 1969, Yeo’s is one of Singapore’s oldesthomegrown brands. With a strong penchant for innovation and high quality standards, it has kept aheadof its times in developing a wide repertoire of Asian food and beverage products, meeting the everchanging needs of the consumers. Today, the Yeo’s brand has successfully penetrated into countries likeMalaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and cities like New York, London, Paris, Melbourne, Hong Kong andmany more. A homegrown brand that enjoys accolades of awards including the recently won SPBAHeritage Brand Award 2015, AVA Food Excellence Safety Award – Platinum, SBP Singapore ProductivityAward and many more.

For more information, please visit www.yeos.com.sg

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