EarthWater Launches ZenFul

jasmineblackberryMDDALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2016 / EarthWater, a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral infused beverages is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand “ZenFul” a 100% natural beverage incorporating the company’s proprietary formula of trace minerals in four exciting natural flavors specially derived from Fruit and Plant extract of: Cucumber Mint, Jasmine Blackberry, Lemon Lime Cilantro, and Chamomile Hibiscus. For more info visit;

The four flavors of ZenFul are zero calorie, zero sugar, and contain all natural flavors derived from fruit and plant extracts. Each bottle contains half the recommended daily dose of 100% pure almost clear Fulvic E-36 mineral complex. This specially developed near pharmaceutical grade concentrate contains the essential trace minerals to help maintain a healthy human biological balance for the immune system. Consumption of this in a beverage could aid the rapid recovery of the body after exercise and exertion. It helps replenish vital electrolytes and antioxidants while completely rehydrating the body in a 20-ounce drink. ZenFul is bottled in Dallas, Texas using EarthWater’s patented iconic shaped bottle. This functional beverage is a world first of its kind. ZenFul has been developed with the help of major universities, scientists and experts in human nutrition. ZenFul carries multiple trademarks as well as utility and trade patents. It also tastes great.

Mankind has known of the benefits of consuming Fulvic molecules for thousands of years. Its use as a recovery agent was first recorded in India, and it was extracted from a black humic liquid which sprang from the side of mountains in the Himalayas. Not until recently has science been able to separate the product into its various Fulvic and Humic constituents. This is done in a process which ensures there are no chemicals, additives or other foreign substances introduced into the process. The milling of the Fulvic complex molecules is a trade secret, and Zenful originated as the first such beverage to offer the clarity, potency, antioxidant and electrolyte rich flavored water for consumption as a sugar free, calorie free all-natural beverage.

ZenFul is an advanced hydration drink flavored with all-natural plant and fruit extracts. These are mixed with a proprietary fulvic complex designed to detox, refresh and replenish. antioxidants and electrolytes lost through exercise and exertion.

ZenFul is free from all sugars, carbs, GMO’s or sweeteners and is a zero calorie drink with vital trace minerals derived from natural earthen sources.

ZenFul is the first and only commercially available flavored beverage that contains fulvic mineral complexes. It is calorie free, contains no artificial sweeteners or sugars, has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants, minerals and electrolytes of any beverage in this sector.

EarthWater Chairman CJ Comu stated, “We are very excited to introduce our new brand ZenFul and the four exciting new SKU’s we are adding to our portfolio. Our goal is to help reduce the incidence of Obesity and Diabetes and get consumers to stop drinking soft drinks, energy drinks and sugar flavored drinks. Try our exclusive all-natural blends that can help detox and included much needed micro nutrients to fight off bacteria and disease, so we all stay healthier longer.”

Keeping with the theme of healthy lifestyles, as an introductory promotion, EarthWater is offering FREE SHIPPING on all ZenFul orders placed online through August 31, 2016 #livezenfully.

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EarthWater is a manufacturer of Natural Mineral Infused High Alkaline Beverages using a blend of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes mined from deep within the Earth’s surface under the brand and