IGZU to Launch at Natural Products Expo West

After nine months of careful development, IGZU is fully launching the world’s first ready to drink bottled bamboo leaf tea at Natural Products Expo West 2016 in Anaheim, CA. Attendees intrigued about this new innovative concept are welcome to learn more and taste the refreshing blend at Fresh Ideas Table F55 on Thursday, March 10thand can find IGZU on the third floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, Room 304, Tabletop 9625 for the duration of the event weekend. All three of IGZU’s certified organic debut flavors will be available – Elderflower Citrus, Lavender Peach, and Hibiscus Blackberry.


It has been an undoubtedly eventful journey for the company since founders, Zachary Anderson and Courtney McCoy, took their first steps with this innovate concept in July. Since that time, the pair has established their own supply chain of organic wild-harvest Caribbean bamboo, trialed the concept with attendees at Expo East, launched and successfully closed their Kickstarter campaign, and were selected for and competed in BevNet’s New Beverage Showdown. Countless reformulations and redesigns have resulted in a product poised to make a memorable entrance into the beverage market. Throughout the development process, the company as remained committed to a mission of sustainability. When asked how the pair has remained focused over this journey, Anderson stated, “We knew we had something original and innovative with the concept of bamboo leaf tea and would stop at nothing to see it realize its full potential. It’s been nine months, understandably this feels like my first born child.”

IGZU’s presence at Expo West will be a busy four days, with many excited to learn more about this company and product which has already been generating some buzz in the natural food and beverage space. Connecting with retailers for initial placement is certainly top of mind, but the company is also seeking an opportunity to begin establishing a network. McCoy elaborated, “One of our main objectives of Expo West, aside from introducing IGZU to the world, is to find distribution partners in our strategic launch market of California.” The company will begin shipping orders at the end of this month.

IGZU is the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea, providing a great tasting organic beverage with only 40 calories per 16 oz. bottle. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, IGZU is launching with three debut flavors – Elderflower Citrus, Lavender Peach, and Hibiscus Blackberry. 1% of sales go to environmental causes. For more information, visit www.IGZULIFE.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.