OXiGEN Water to Debut at Natural Products Expo West

unnamed-1Beverly Hills, CA – There’s no question you’re alive today because you breathe in through your nose and mouth and your lungs get enough oxygen to keep you going. But OXiGEN water takes our ability to consume life’s most important element a step further delivering activated stabilized oxygen (ASO®) through bottled water so you can take advantage of all the benefits of optimal oxygen levels throughout the day.

OPTIMAL OXYGEN LEVELS = Improved Endurance, Increased Stamina, Faster Recovery, Greater Mental Clarity

The guys before us who tried to deliver you oxygen in water used O2, a compressed gas that dissipated from the bottle when it was opened. Needless to say they failed, and paved a long path of scepticism along the way.

So what’s the difference between them and us? OXiGEN water contains a highly stable proprietary O4 molecule that stays in water for at least two years from bottling. With each bottle comes 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen. Most bottled and tap water contains between five and 40 PPM.

“We’re shaking up the beverage industry, that’s evident from the reaction we’re getting as more people learn about our product,” says Blair Bentham, President & CEO, Formula Four Beverages Inc. “As people start to understand the science yet the simplicity behind OXiGEN, their first reaction is often ‘wow, sign me up!’ That simplicity is most evident on our ingredients list, which is just distilled water, oxygen and sea salt. There’s no sugar, no caffeine, and no unhealthy additives.”

The proprietary, active ingredient in our water is ASO®, or activated stabilized oxygen, which is created by bonding two O2 molecules together to create that highly stable O4 molecule. ASO® was first developed by an aerospace engineer in 1956. Six decades and several improvements after its initial creation, ASO® is now exclusively available through OXiGEN as a ready-to-drink, shelf stable bottled water product.

Steve Weatherford, who Muscle & Fitness tagged as having ‘The Sickest Body in the NFL’ in 2014, regularly uses OXiGEN water and *shots. “I’ve had a life-long passion for health and fitness,” says Weatherford. “I’m bombarded daily by products and so-called supplements that make claims they can’t back up. After using OXiGEN in my training regimen and getting confirmation of its statistical significance, I knew there was something different about it and knew that I had to have a part in sharing the news about this product with those who could see a benefit from it.” A six-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study completed at Indiana State University showed the statistical significance of OXiGEN’s ability to clear lactic acid faster.

OXiGEN water is already widely available across California with distribution through Unified Grocers-Market Centre and KeHe, and can be found at retailers including Gelson’s, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Lucky, Save Mart and Vons. The oxygenated water will soon also be available in Mollie Stones locations, and is quickly closing in on other retail locations throughout the state. OXiGEN recently launched in the Middle East, starting in Dubai, through Formula Four Beverages Inc.’s exclusive distribution partner Mezzan Holding Co. and is set to start distribution through partner Grupo Gracia in Mexico this spring.

“We have our sights set on becoming the leading premier oxygen products brand in the USA and globally, and we think we have the precise formula to do that,” says Bentham. “We know consumers are gravitating toward healthier and more natural products. With OXiGEN water we’re giving them a complete functional beverage experience that combines clean hydration and an energy source derived from life’s most essential element, oxygen.”

Contact for interviews or more information:Rebecca PetersVice President, Marketing & CommunicationsFormula Four Beverages Inc.Phone: 424-284-2177 ext. 106Email: rebecca.peters@formula-four.com

About Formula Four Beverages Inc. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014, Formula Four Beverages Inc. is the premier supplier of high-quality, science-based oxygenated beverage products that benefit the health, wellness and lifestyle of everyone; our products don’t discriminate. Learn more about us on our website www.drinkOXiGEN.com and through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @F4OXiGEN. ASO® is a registered trademark of Oxigenesis, LLC. Used with permission.

*Formula Four Beverages Inc. also produces a concentrated version of OXiGEN water. Currently sold under the brand name Formula Four Oxygenated Shot, the 0.5 fl. oz. shots contain 5,000 parts per million (PPM) of bio-available oxygen, versus the water’s 1,000 PPM. Your average tap water contains about 10 PPM. Oxygenated Shots are available for home delivery throughout the U.S. via Amazon.com.