Rubicon Exotic Beverages Launches No Sugar Added Line in the United States


Ramsey, NJ (August 31, 2016) –Rubicon Exotic Juice is bringing exotic flavors to stores by launching a No Sugar Added line of their hit, classic, exotic juice beverages in the United States.  With 100% juice, no sugar added, and no artificial preservatives, colorings, or sweeteners, drinking Rubicon Exotic Juice will carry consumers away to a tropical paradise.

Rubicon Exotic Juices are crafted from only the finest fruits sourced from all over the world, specifically Ecuador, India, South America, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam.  Each serving of our delicious beverages contains 100% of your Daily Value of vitamin C.  The no sugar added line highlights the brand’s message of “Making Life More Exotic” by continuing with their six iconic flavors: Mango, Lychee, Guava, Guanabana (Soursop), Pomegranate, and Passion Fruit.  Rubicon juices are rich, authentic, full bodied, unique, and refreshing.  Full of flavor, everyone will love Rubicon juices.

“The Rubicon team is excited to launch our No Sugar Added line in the United States with no artificial preservatives, colorings, or sweeteners,” said Bill Sipper, Managing Partner at Cascadia Managing Brands.  “We are always looking for new ways to address consumer preferences and demands.  The No Sugar Added line provides consumers with exciting juice flavor options sweetened only by the natural sweetness of the fruit itself.”

Rubicon utilizes the expertise of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands to develop and deploy its sales, marketing and distribution strategy.

Rubicon Exotic Juice beverages will be available in stores in the greater New York City metropolitan area.  For more information check out

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About Rubicon: In 1982, two employees of a major international soft drinks company based out of the UK saw a gap in the soft drink market that was too irresistible to ignore. The two friends got to work in the humble surrounding of a kitchen lab where they begin to devise their range of exotic juice beverages, that before then did not exist in the soft drink market. It was here Rubicon was born.

Rubicon’s success is testament to the founder’s commitment in creating unique exotic juice drinks of the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients!

For additional information please contact Bill Sipper at or at 201-962-8622.